Jevon Holland Is Doing What Minkah Fitzpatrick Would Not!

Minkah Fitzpatrick: I have a better idea of my role in '19 | Miami Herald

It still upsets me when I think about how Minkah Fitzpatrick pouted his way off this team with his mother even taking to social media to criticize the Dolphins coaches for how they were handling her spoiled brat! 

Minkah is an exceptionally good and talented player I cannot argue that but he lacked maturity and was selfish and for a 20 something year old rookie to question the way he was being coached instead of shutting his mouth and taking the coaching being given he whined his way off the team is just pathetic. The Dolphins did the right thing moving on from him

I was looking forward to the day when Miami found a suitable replacement to make me forget about Minkah and to my immense joy, they drafted Safety Jevon Holland a last name I am familiar with because that is my last name, I have carried for 60 years! 

Jevon Holland has been a great addition and for a Rookie to start his career off the way he has shows he has a bright future ahead of him and Miami got this one right. Pro Football Focus has Jevon Holland graded as an 81.1. which is their fifth-highest grade. 

Here are a few things from Miami Hearlds Berry Jackson article on Jevon Holland: A Great Read!

“The only thing that would be very surprising is his professionalism, now that I see him day-to-day,” defensive backs coach Gerald Alexander said. “I wasn’t around him other than recruiting him. You see a guy who doesn’t necessarily operate as a rookie as far as how he’s diligent about his preparation.”

During ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” broadcast this week, analyst and former NFL personnel man Louis Riddick predicted he will become an All-Pro safety.

“You know from the intangibles he had, his personality, his athletic skill set, that he could do some special things if he got in the right situation,” Alexander said.

“He’s continued to improve on a weekly basis. From the time I’ve seen him in high school, he [seems to] have a great time playing with his teammates. Just because the logo has changed and the level has changed, he hasn’t changed at all. He’s still having fun.”

Holland’s skills as a blitzer also are well above average. Holland and teammate Brandon Jones are tied for the NFL lead in quarterback pressures among safeties with 16. Holland’s three sacks are tied for second most among safeties, behind Jones’ five.

Jevon is my favorite player and I pegged him to be drafted by Miami in my 2020 Mock Draft (See Here) Notice I also pegged Waddle too…. 🙂 

I have bought a Dolphin Jersy for the first time in years and sent it to my nephew in Milwaukee who plays for the Milwaukee Dolphins (same team logo) little league team, how ironic is that? 

My brother tells me my nephew slept in his new gift and that makes my heart so glad! Now if I can get one signed by Jevon for me too….

Jevon is exactly what this team needed to fill the void left by the selfish crybaby who now lives in cold Pittsburg while his family stayed in Florida. I am sure seeing what he could have done in Miami had he just complied and how his role might have been is something I hope he has extreme regrets and I can care less now that my potential blood relative is a young Dolphin Stud! 

Maybe my nephew will find his way on the team 10 years from now 🙂 I would have a heart attack from the joy!!!! (Yes, I bough it oversized, he will grow into it)

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