Tua Tagovailoa’s Rookie Stats Vs Trevor Lawrence’s Stats……Hmmmm??

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I am not sure why Nationally the Dolphins get the most bashing of any team, it became obvious when they relentlessly attacked Tua Tagovailoa during his rookie season. To me it was unprecedented! The Unrelenting national Tua Bashing was/is uncalled For! 

Point in case, Tua was a #5 pick in the 2020 NFL draft and I get it Miami chose him over Herbert and Herbert is a good young QB prospect but just like Tua is just in year two of his NFL career so it is going to take some time to really see who has the better career, but for now Herbart has made a good case coming out the gate. 

So human nature will always compare Tua vs Herbert more so because Miami choose Tua over Herbert who was drafted by the Chargers directly after Miami drafted Tua. But like I mentioned Tua was a #5 pick in the 2020 NFL draft and he has been ripped apart and overanalyzed ever since he was drafted. 

What I find quite strange is how the Jacksonville Jaguars rookie QB has gone unscathed despite having a terrible rookie season. 

Trevor Lawrence Rookie stats: 

  • 3,225 passing yards 8th 
  • 9 TD’s-28th 
  • 14 Int’s Tied-28th 
  • QBR 32.6 28th 

This guy was the Number 1 pick in this year’s NFL Draft and has not been ripped like Tua a 5th pick in 2020 and dealing with all the issues of the 2020 season from covid to playing behind Fitzpatrick to being benched because Brian Flores felt obligated to try and get his guys into the playoffs and we all knew the veteran Fitzmagic was the better overall QB on the team. 

Look at Tua’s stats his rookie season despite all the issues and compare them to Trevor Lawrence’s rookie numbers so far: 

Tua Tagovailoa Rookie Stats: 

  • 2,339 passing yards 27th 
  • 15 TD’s-23rd 
  • 9 Int’s Tied-10th 
  • QBR 54.6 9th 

I am not sure about you but who’s numbers are better and once again I point out that Trevor Lawrence was the first overall pick in this year’s draft!!! Where is the outraged against Lawrence? Why does he get a pass? The biggest thing that separates Tua from his peers from last year and Lawrence is Tua’s W/L recorded his rookie season in games he played. 

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