Miami’s Defense Has Created Fear In Their Opponents

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Panic is the word when teams start thinking about facing the Dolphins Defense. I started to notice it back in November when Miami faced the Jets when their head coach Robert Saleh decided to go with veteran QB Joe Flacco over his rookie QB Zach Wilson. 

Last night Miami’s defense feasted on Saints Rookie QB Ian Book who obviously was unprepared for his role against what has become the best defense in the NFL these past 7 weeks (about 1 and a half months)! The Dolphins’ defense dominated the Saints! They did exactly what they should have done, stuffed the run game and forced Ian Book to beat them with his game and that turned out to be a nightmare for the Saints as that was the worst offensive performance under head Sean Payton’s career…. EVER!!!! 

The Saints went 0-12 on third downs, something that has never happened in Sean Payton’s career! No wonder reports of them trying to lure Drew Breese or Phillip Rivers out of retirement for this game made sense. 

It started downhill on Ian Book’s third play from scrimmage when his pass was tipped and it ended up being a pick-six by Nick Needham, the night got even worse for their young Rookie QB thrown into the fire. He was sacked 8 times; they ended the first quarter with -2 yards!!!! 

Ian Book was 12-of-20 passes for 135 yards with two interceptions for the night and it was simply hard to keep him standing up right or not running for his life last night. Was it a tough situation for the Saints? Yes, it was…. better them than us! 

Miami’s defense did their job and Miami’s offense did enough to not lose the game. Miami scored 13 points against the Saints, and even though that is not going to cut it moving forward, it still was 13 more points than the SB champions and the G.O.A.T was able to put up on the Saints Steller defense a week earlier! 

So, cry me a river all you want, I enjoyed every miserable moment for the Saints as it was pure joy to watch this Defense continue to strike fear in our opponents, For however long it last! 

1 thought on “Miami’s Defense Has Created Fear In Their Opponents”

  1. Come Sunday, Tannehill will be running 🏃‍♂️ for his life, reminiscent of his rookie year.

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