Will The Dolphins Make Us Cry…Again?

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With their fate in their own hands Miami was primed to make the playoffs last year if they could beat the Bills in Buffalo. Well, we all know how that worked out! Miami stunk up the joint and got embarrassed 56-26. I was livid!!! 

I could not wait for the next match up because I thought that Miami would finally get revenge! Well after brewing and stewing for months we finally get to exact revenge week two of the season and Buffalo proceeded to blow out Miami 35-0 once again! 

The second matchup this year vs the Bills was better as Miami went to Buffalo and even though they lost it was it was one of the best showing by this team vs Buffalo in the past 3 years…. Buffalo 26, Miami 11. Buffalo has won 9 out of the last 10 matchups vs Miami and currently holds a 7-game win streak vs our Dolphins. 

Well, the good news is we do not face Buffalo again until next year but we do find ourselves in a similar position that we faced last year, win and where are in! That’s right if Miami wins out, they will make the playoffs and it all starts tonight with our matchup against the Saints who have been decimated with injuries and or covid issues. Miami on the other hand is healthy and can/should win this game. 

The Saints tried according to reports to lure Drew Breese out of retirement to play, they also tried to reach out to another retired QB Phillip Rivers to play for them, all to no avail so the Saints will start Rookie quarterback Ian Book and for some Dolphins fans that is good news as our Defense is one of the best in the league in recent weeks playing up to the standards, we all expected coming out of the gate this year. 

The Saints best weapon on offense will be RB Alvin Kamara and what a weapon he is, he can do it all and hopefully Miami’s defense will try and take him away from the Rookie QB and make him beat us. 

My fear is that Ian Book will have a record-breaking career start against our Dolphins and we once again lose our own destiny and fade off into the offseason licking our wound and kicking ourselves because we allowed 7 games slip through our hands earlier in the season. 

So, I’ll just let Darius Rucker tell you just how I will feel should Miami let this opportunity slip away again! 

1 thought on “Will The Dolphins Make Us Cry…Again?”

  1. Even though I’m not intimidated by Ian Book, he no slouch, but if we take away Kamara, I believe Book will collapse under pressure

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