Are We Ready?

Dolphin Duke Johnson is proud to contribute to the local team.Xavien Howard  praises Aquinas product Elijamoor – Reading Eagle - Pennsylvania News Today

There will always be some negative opinions even with a 6-game win streak, some are saying who did they beat? Well, the Jets twice a team that beat the Titans and Bengals. The Ravens who were at the time one of the best teams in the league. 

Miami can only play who is on the schedule and that is what they did and given how some good teams have lost to some of the worst teams in the league it goes to show as the saying goes “Any given Sunday”! 

This Monday night the Dolphins go into New Orleans and play a depleted Saints team that will start their 4th string rookie QB and for some it is a given that Miami could win but I am not as confident but hopeful that they will get their 7th win on a row. 

The next three games are critical that Miami win them all as their playoffs percentages goes up from a single digit chance to upwards of 80%. chance and I for one hope they win out. 

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