Miami’s Improved Run Game?

Duke Johnson gets Dolphins on the board - ProFootballTalk

As many of you know I have been whining for the past two years about Miami’s RB situation. No disrespect to Myles Gaskins but he goes down if the wind blows. What this team needs are a power run game and to have that you need BIG BACKS that can break tackles! 

I do not question Myles Gaskins or any of the RB’s on the roster but none of them weigh more than 210 LBS and that is why they are unable to establish a solid running game. The Ideal RB for this team IMO is a RB over 6′ tall and 220 LBS or better. 

The addition of Phillip Lindsay and Duke Johnson has provided a spark and Duke’s last game was exactly the type of running this team needs but Duke is still a 5′-9″ 210 LBS RB, that has 7 seasons in the league. How long can he sustain the king of pounding that he took last week? 

The ideal RB in the NFL is Derrick Henry, who is 6′-3” and 247 LBS who puts fear in LB’s and DB’s trying to bring him down, with a wicked stiff arm to boot! 

Most of the top RB’s weigh around 220 LBS 

There are exceptions to the rule like Joe Mixon but the best RB’s can make the entire O-Line look better by breaking tackles and running with power. I am happy with the way the RB situation is playing out with the addition of Lindsay and Johnson but a more permanent solution should take place this offseason by adding some young bulls to this team by way of the draft. 

3 thoughts on “Miami’s Improved Run Game?”

  1. See My Mock Drafts I use our 2nd round pick for a RB but I would have no problem getting one late first round if he is worth it!

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