2022 Miami Dolphins 7 Round Mock Draft (Updated 12-15-21)

Raiders news: Las Vegas to host 2022 NFL Draft after losing out

Let’s talk 2022 NFL Draft and Miami’s draft needs, I will post my Early official 7 round mock drafts and will start focusing on Miami’s needs and what they should do (If only they would call me)  

Now that I am studying the draft prospects, I can start to target them when I use the draft simulators so you will see names that I really love on the wish list. As always, I invite your input. 

Miami’s Needs: OT, RB, WR, EDGE, IOL, DT, LB, CB, QB, 

I used a mock draft simulator to get these early names stay tuned! 

  • 22. Jameson Williams WR Alabama 
  • 42. Isaiah Spiller RB, Texas A&M 
  • 99. Ed Ingram IOL, LSU 
  • 112. Matthew Butler IDL, Tennessee 
  • 117. Breece Hall RB, Iowa State 
  • 152. Trajan Jeffcoat EDGE, Missouri 
  • 179. Colby Wooden IDL, Auburn 
  • 189. Matt Hankins CB, Iowa 
  • 209. Tyreke Smith EDGE, Ohio State 

Note: These mock draft simulators are out of sync this time of year and in this one I was able to draft two of my top RBs in the draft I do not see RB Breece Hall lasting until the 117th pick I expect him to go in the late first to early second round. In this case I was able to get both RB’s I covet Isaiah Spiller & Breece Hall so I jumped at that opportunity because there is one team in the league that I envy because of their RB situation and that is the Cleveland Browns and would love for Miami to have TWO STUDS 6′-0 or over and pound away! 

As you know if you follow my mock draft updates just before the draft, I put together the best options out of my updates as my final mock for Miami. So, if you are a draft Knick like me, stay tuned and follow my updates leading up to the draft and CHIME IN!!! 

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