There’s A Whole Bunch of Backpedaling Going On

Witness The Furious Back-Pedaling | Name-Brand Ketchup.

Boy have things changed in one month! Miami started the season with a difficult win up in New England and then proceeded to lose 7 straight games! During that time, the fans and media went crazy! They wanted everybody fired! 

The talking heads on social media, newspapers, radio, bloggers all chimed in and boy was it all negative. I on the other hand was totally dumfounded by the pure hate being spewed!!!!! 

Did they not know that Miami is JUST TWO YEARS INTO A TOTAL REBUILD? Did they not know that the past two years Brian Flores’ teams started off slow due to staff changes and young starters? Did they not know that the one thing we can rely on from our veteran players is that they are unreliable? Did they not watch the games and see that the Dolphins could have won 5 of the 7 games they lost had the ball bounced the right way? 

NO, THEY DID NOT!!! You know why? 

Because some fans do not even watch the games or quite a few who turn the game off when they feel Miami will lose and some as well as the media are so self-loathing that their entire day is destroyed if Miami lose! 

Now that things have changed with this 5-game win streak folks are backpedaling and looking quite stupid as this team is one of the hottest teams in the league and despite a few doubters/haters many are starting to see what your Dolphin Seer has seen all along…. this team is ahead of the rebuilding process and are primed to be a contender for years to come! 

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