Miami’s Take It Or Leave It Offer To Houston!

Deshaun Watson trade rumors: Texans don't consider Tua Tagovailoa 'adequate  replacement' | Sporting News

Things just seems to fall Miami’s way and even in the case of the Houston Texans and their QB who wants out and the deal rumored that Miami offered (Never Confirmed) to trade for Watson before the trade deadline that eventually never happened. Supposedly Miami offered 2 first round picks as well as 2 second round picks for Watson. 

Houston (once again according to rumors) BALKED at the last minute and wanted more upon learning that Watson was willing to settle on the cases. (And believe me folks this has more to do about money than morality or right or wrong! IMO) 

Now Houston may be regretting their decision to not trade Watson before the trade deadline as this team is having the worse season one can imagine and they look foolish in not getting rid of Watson when they had some great offers. (See Miami’s rumored Offer) 

The trade not happening before the deadline was truly in Miami’s best interest as Tua Tagovailoa is starting to develop into a legitimate franchise QB right before our eyes this season. This gives Miami tremendous leverage moving forward if they still want to pursue Watson. Remember Watson has the real leverage in this whole deal with a no-trade clause because he eventually will have to sign off on any trade and so far, he has only agreed to sign off for Miami and if he holds that position than Houston will eventually have to come back to Miami! 

Now that Tua is developing Miami should make this one-time offer….1 first round pick 1 2nd round pick! That is, it!!!!! Take it or leave it because we are fine moving forward with Tua…… 

Watson on the other hand has NO OBLIGATION to help Houston pimp him out to the highest bidder! If he says he will only play for Miami and they try what they did this year and pay his salary shelling out $10,540,000 not to play, the problem is next year they will have to pay him $35,000,000 not to play!!!!! Something is going to have to give!!!!! 

If Miami and Watson stand their ground Houston will be in an exceedingly difficult position and their GM who I feel is being privately persuaded by Bill Beli-cheat to not be suckered by Miami because he knows how dangerous Miami will be with Watson as our Starter for the next 10 years as he tries to hold on and break Don Shula’s record before he retires because he really wants Shula’s record!!!!! 

RankCoachCareer wins
1Don Shula328
2^ George Halas318
3* Bill Belicheat289
4^ Tom Landry250

I hope we get Watson just to ruin Beli-Cheats plans!

What do you think, should Miami play hardball with Houston after this season? 

9 thoughts on “Miami’s Take It Or Leave It Offer To Houston!”

  1. Good question. I’ve never found myself in this kind of situation, It’s not like I can rely upon past experience on this topic

  2. Houston just might have a change of heart about wanting Tua and him plus a first round pick should suffice if Miami wanted Watson still…

  3. From what I understand, these weren’t jack shack situations ( like Robert Kraft ) but licensed therapists.

  4. If Tua balls and we win out, heck even 3 of the last 4, there’s no reason not to stay the coarse.
    Now I do like your single first and second picks. And along with a more team friendly contract restructuring. That would prove he wants to be a Dolphin

  5. I have never been to a massage parlor because there are some questionable things going on there and I am sure if most of these women have done sex acts on Watson for money they just might have done so for others and i am sure his lawyers will sift that out….. not to excuse his conduct!

  6. You might be right but he is a top 5 QB by all accounts….. the question for Tua is how high is his ceiling and how long will it take for him to reach it?

  7. Tua’s much cheaper, and I believe can become as good if not better. As for Watsons legal issues, I’m a believer that where there’s smoke there’s fire. IMO Watsons more interested in a South Beach lifestyle than playing for Miami.

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