Tua Tagovailoa comes off bench to lead Dolphins past Ravens

I still hold the opinion that I will support whatever Miami does in the Deshawn Watson trade considerations. But I am officially supporting keeping Tua and telling Houston to screw themselves if they think now that Tua has proven that he can be a potential franchise QB through his recent development, that they will get 3 first round draft picks and 2 second rounders for Watson, in fact I would tell Hoston to go fly a kite! Our offer is off the table and we will stick with Tua! 

The more I think about it the more I love that we have this young positive QB who in recent weeks is coming into his own and has played his best ball in just 16 starts! The fact that there is so much more that he can develop is what makes keeping Tua so intriguing! I see a combination of Russel Wilson and Drew Breese and I am fine with either. 

What the Dolphins need to do from this point forward is build the talent around Tua through free agency and the draft in particular the Offensive Line, RB’s & WR’s. 

Miami’s coaches have done an excellent job in developing Tua and his growth is noticeable and complementary football is simply fine as all three phases of this team contributes towards wins. 

As I said in the beginning I 100% endorse keeping Tua and not pursuing Watson but using those picks to add more young talent to the roster. 

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