Welcome Back On The Band Wagon!

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I Told You So!!! 

While about everybody was jumping ship hating on my Dolphins, I was the one saying Patience is needed and that this team has the best HC and GM Combo that we have had EVER. 

Now the best that ever was and will ever be in my heart is the late Don Shula who back in the day made Miami who they were and is the benchmark for not only the current Dolphis team but the entire NFL as 17-0 is still such a high benchmark that and undefeated season will never be achieved again. (I am fortunate to have been able to witness such a great feat!) 

Welcome to my bandwagon: 

Now that Miami is on a 4-game win streak the rats are returning to the ship with their tails between their legs! If you are one of those rats who turned on our Dolphins calling for our GM, HC, and Owner to be fired I am here to call you out! 

I am not just calling out the fickle fans but the biggest rats on the ship the so-called professional Dolphins beat reporters and I will name them: 

  • Armando Salguero 
  • Dave Hyde 
  • The Big O 
  • Alain Poupart 
  • Joe Rose 

These are the so-called professionals who have led the PACK in turning on Miami and stoking the flames of a fan base that is all too willing to take their opinion on things. That is why you all need to let me be you voice of reason as I have not wavered in my support of this team. 

Why I am so right? 

Because I am your Dolphin Seer! I have the true pulse for this team and I have been on point ever since I have started this web site. Go back through my history of over 1,900 articles on everything Miami Dolphins and you will see I have called out former HC’s and GM’s as well as selfish players who took advantage of this team and their management because they did the job they were paid to do! 

I have also been the dissenting voice when a mob mentality (much like what happened during the 7-game losing streak) starts to take place. The reality is most people are so insecure and weak minded that they can be influenced by other with a megaphone such as the media! 

I have always been a person who cannot be swayed away from my stance on things and I have remained consistent that this team is better than what they had shown and I genuinely believed that our HC was doing all he could to right the ship! 

The one word I have used to help my readers keep their sanity is Patience! That is what is required when you have a team full of inexperienced people! The Dolphins have youth all over the place, a young HC who is just under 3 years into his first time as a HC. 

A roster full of youth, in fact they are the 2nd youngest team in our division and the 14th youngest team in the NFL! That really requires Patience and good coaching to help these young players develop. 

So, the next time you see folks hitting the panic button and start jumping ship make sure you stop here and see what your Dolphin Seer is saying about the subject and then make a truly informed decision! 

You’re Welcome! 


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