Miami Has Failed At The RB Position!

Is Myles Gaskin Undervalued in Fantasy? | Gridiron Experts

Myles Gaskin was a seventh-round pick (234th overall) by the Dolphins in the 2019 NFL draft and ever since he has been here, he has produced well. 

From His BIO 

• Played in 28 career games with 15 starts. 
• 301 carries for 1,150 yards (3.8 avg.) and 5 TDs. 
• 89 receptions for 648 yards (7.3 avg.) and 6 TDs. 
• In 2020, he finished 10th in the NFL in scrimmage 
yards per game (97.2, min. 10 games) 

2021 (MIAMI): 

Played in 11 games with 8 starts. 
• 123 carries for 433 yards (3.5 avg.) and 1 TD. 
• 41 receptions for 209 yards (5.1 avg.). and 4 TDs. 
• 1 miscellaneous fumble recovery. 

Myles is a dual threat RB; he runs and catch the ball well he is an adequate blocker considering his size and he is a great asset to the team. 

As much as I love Myles, he is still limited due to his stature he would be better served being that change of pace back or 3rd down back to provide options for a legitimate starter. Relying on Myles to be Miami’s starter is like having a Chihuahua to be your Guard dog! 

The Dolphins have done the team and Myles a disservice by not adding a YOUNG RB through the draft to play alongside Myles. Now they did draft a big RB this year in the 7th round, Gerrid Doaks selected in Round: 7 / Pick: 244 is 5′-11″ 228 LBS and is a potential answer to a lead RB if he is not poached off the practice squad. But their is a reson he was graded a late round pick! No disrespect to Myles.

Miami has been active signing RB’s these last few weeks as they added Duke Johnson & Phillip Lindsay to their RB room and that is finally a step in the right direction as they should have focused on that Position over the last two drafts. 

I have always maintained that drafting a top RB during their rebuild should have been a top priority for more than one reason. 

  1. An RB can help a young O-Line develop, having a top shelf RB means they can pin their ears and RUN BLOCK and RUN BLOCKING is easier than complicated pass blocking schemes. 
  1. A young QB also benefits from a top shelf RB as he too can lean on the RB and take some of the pressure off down and distance as it is better to have 3rd and 2 or 3 rather than 3rd and long. 
  1. Winning time of possession is also something that happens with a good run game and with a tough defense to complement that run game this team would be hard to beat. It provides rest for the defense and they too can just pin their ears back and play fast with good rest. 

This is a copycat league and many have fallen in love with the passing game and so the run game has been diminished and some consider it “Old School” football. I just say look at how New England has protected their rookie QB by providing him with a good run game. 

Is it any surprise that the Browns have the best rushing game in the NFL when you look at the TWO studs they have in their backfield? Buffalo and New England are neck to neck in rushing 9th & 10 in the NFL while Miami is 29th in rushing! 

Thus, the reason I have been calling for the RB’s coach to be fired for the past 3 years, he should have been fired with Adam Gase when he was let go but instead, he was promoted to one half of the OC job and still maintained his RB coach position?????


Miami’s run game since Studsville’s been the RB coach! 

  • 2021 29TH 
  • 2020 22nd 
  • 2019 32nd dead last! 
  • 2018 18th 

He also should be fired for not demanding that Miami draft one of the top RB’s these past two years. I still hope this team in the next NFL Draft select one of the top RBs in the draft here are the potential names. I just say look at how New England has protected their rookie QB by providing him with a good run game.

39Isaiah SpillerTexas A&MJrRB16-1215
58Breece HallIowa St.JrRB26-1220
85Kyren WilliamsNotre DameSophRB35-9199
95Kenneth Walker IIIMichigan St.JrRB45-10210

So far, I would say Breece Hall because he is 220 LBS and look at the resent news on this 20-year-old stud! 

Iowa State junior running back Breece Hall breaks the tackle of TCU safety Nook Bradford en route to the end zone for a touchdown in the second quarter on Friday, Nov. 26, 2021, at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames 

Iowa State’s star tailback scored four touchdowns in the 48-14 Senior Day win over TCU — and the initial one made him the first back in FBS history to rush for a score in 24 consecutive games.  After he celebrated with teammates, he took the football, sauntered toward the sideline stands and handed it to his mother.  She cried. Later, he cried. There were tears of joy flowing from many Cyclones after they closed an up-and-down regular season with a 7-5 overall record and 5-4 mark in conference play. 

 “I really came in not even focused on (the record),” Hall said after the win while sporting a still noticeable ring of his mom’s lipstick on his cheek. “I just wanted to play hard for the seniors, send the seniors out right, and whatever, everything that happened, it was like a fairy tale ending for us.” 

This kid sure would look nice in a Dolphin Uniform!!! 

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