Can This Be Brian Flores’s Best Coaching Job?

Deshaun Watson rumors: Dolphins coach Brian Flores talks about character  standards - South Florida Sun-Sentinel

The true test of one’s character is how we handle adversity, some fold under pressure while others remain cool and calm. Brian Flores during that 7-game skid remained consistent in his message week after week he preached that they were working hard practicing well and that they would go back watch film and make the corrections. 

I must be honest I got sick of his message as it was the same response loss after loss! Now after a 4-game win streak I truly appreciate Brian Flores’ leadership and consistent message and how he kept the players confidence and heads on straight. 

I find it funny that some loud mouth talking heads in the media say that the young players who were not producing early on just need time to develop but with the same mouth condemns Brian for mistakes made as a YOUNG HEAD COACH who is not even three years into his career as a head coach. 

The same argument can be made for our YOUNG OFFENSIVE LINE that so many fail to show patience for. I ask why is it ok to wait for some but not the others? Many still want Brian Flores to be fired at seasons end even though those voices are dwindling quite a bit. 

The calls for our GM to be fired is also dwindling as the young players on the team including this year’s rookie class is starting to show growth. But isn’t that coaching? 

So, it goes to show what I have been preaching all season especially during the losing streak PATIENCE with a young team and a young Head Coach and it seems to be paying off. 

2 thoughts on “Can This Be Brian Flores’s Best Coaching Job?”

  1. Today’s performance was IMO one of the best I have seen from this team in years. Bring on the Gmen

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