Positivity For Sale!!!!

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While everybody was running around like Chicken Little with his head cut off crying the sky is falling while Miami was going through their 7-game losing streak, I have remained positive looking at the big picture and putting my positive spin on the Dolphins situation. 

Just before Miami started their 3-game win streak I posted this article: Miami Can Win Their Next 6 Games! Well, we are now 3 games into that 6-game projection and the toughest one other than the Ravens is this Sunday against the Panthers but the homer in me says we have that one too… 

It is so unfortunate that this world is filled with mostly negatively wired people and I am so opposite as I exude positivity and that is why I created The Dolphin Seer to at least give my readers a positive spin on things with the aim of keeping everything into perspective. I know I have done just so. 

I have at times been critical of this team but I have never gone over the top like so many “SO CALLED FANS” have by calling for Miami to fire the GM and HC and even the Owner by some (SMH) 

So once again I will tell you from a positive viewpoint where our Dolphins are in the stream of time. They are less than 3 years into their rebuild, they have some extremely exciting young talent moving forward and with one of the best cap situations coming up this year (Miami is projected to have  $76.9 million dollars to spend click on 2022!) Miami will be able to sign whoever they want and with between 9-10 draft picks this upcoming draft they will once again add young talent to a roster of young studs that are here for the future. 

So do not listen to all the noise out there because they have no clue and are going only on their negative emotions while I am here to calm you down and so far, I have been spot on! But I usually am if you read my post from 2013 onward, it has all been mostly about positivity! We need more positive people in this world today! 

Join Me!!!! 


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