Tua Is Growing Up Before Our Eyes!

Tua. T 🇦🇸 (@Tua) / Twitter
I See Growth!!

A victum of harsh and unfair criticisum since being drafted, Miami’s young 2nd year QB Tua Tagovailoa is starting to show signs of progress that just might give the Dolphins pause on that position moving forward.

I am still of the position that should Miami continue to persue Deshawn Watson after the season ends that I will support that decision but the best thing that could have happen for both Tua and Miami is that a trade was not made before the trade deadline.

It gives both a chance to make their case, if Tua continues his positive development and the Dolphins second half of the season that so far is going great 2 wins in a row, then Miami might just reconsider if they want to give Houston the boatload of picks they are asking for Watson. I personally would have no problem with that. On the other hand should Tua not ball out the remainder of the season than Miami will continue to kick the tires of Watson. Either way thge Dolphins are real close to haveing an answer to their QB position and like I said before I have no problem with either decision they make.

I just find it strange that after all the criticisum of our young QB drafted 5th overall in the 2020 NFL draft that the number 1 overall QB drafted in the 2021 NFL just has exscaped all criticisum despite having some of the worse number in the NFL this season.

Trevor Lawrence the Golden Hair Hunk drafted by Jacksonville Jaguras first overall in this past NFL draft numbers are horrific:

  • 2021 Passing yards1,983 ranked 25th
  • TD’s 8 Tied-25th
  • INT 9Tied-28th
  • QBR 34.8 29th

So I ask why is Trevor Lawrence going unscathed after being the first pick in the 2021 NFL draft…Putting up numbers like that?

Tua is often injured is the complaint by many from the day he was drafted! But Joe Burrow was lost for the season his rookie season due to a knee injury and no one seemed to say anything about that….

Well Miami should have drafted Justin Herbert some say (Most In Hindsight!) but Tua won more games than Herbert and Burrow as a Rookie, Tua also has beaten Herbert in their matcup vs Miami in 2020.

I happen to like this kid a lot and I am rooting for him because he has been nothing short of positive and professional ever since being drafted despite the crap he’s been through, he has shown toughness even when injured, he works hard to get back and play.

It is no comparison between him and Jecoby Brissett as I cringe every time Bressett gets in the game I never really realized how horable Jocoby is until seeing him as our starter. Huge difference from last year when Tua (unlike Burrow and Herbert) had Ryan Fitpatrick to compete against a veteran jorneyman starting QB who had his buddy Chan Gailey by his side.

That is why seeing Tua grow up before our eyes is so great and I for one am hoping that at seasons end that Tua is sitting pretty well as our QB of the future!

2 thoughts on “Tua Is Growing Up Before Our Eyes!”

  1. I am not so sure that if Tua does light it up the rest of the season that it is a slam dunk that they would pursue Watson given the complicated issues surrounding him….

    I think Houston’s GM is being manipulated by Bill Belichick who do not want Watson in the AFC East IIMO.

  2. I too will support any decision made by the team (weather I agree or not), but Miami may have no choice but to pursue Watson. If Tua lights it up the rest of the season he could and rightfully so demand a trade and I wouldn’t fault him for it one bit. My son says that’s not Tua’s character to do that and I hope he’s right..

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