This Young Dolphins Team Is Starting To Grow Up!

Dolphins' young safety duo of Jevon Holland, Brandon Jones emerging

Despite everybody screaming that the sky is falling after Miami’s 7 game losing streak there is some good news, in fact it is GREAT news regarding this team. First is that Miami is currently on a 2-game win streak and the schedule is favorable for the Dolphins to extend that streak, do not get me wrong it will not be easy because many still feel the Dolphins are one of the worst teams in the NFL and it is hard to argue that fact considering their record 3-7. 

As with any fan of a struggling team we have our excuses and I can just as easily argue Miami could be 8-2 at this juncture of the season as there were just two games that they had no shot of winning, the 35-0 loss to Buffalo week 2 and the 45-17 loss to Tampa in Tampa week 5. 

Other than that Miami could have easily won the other games of the season had they been playing to their potential and I also do not feel they would have been blown out as badly if they were playing to their potential from the seasons beginning. But as I said this is just excuses and the fact remains that Miami is 3-7. 

So why am I saying that there is GREAT news regarding this team and its future? 

Because despite the poor start to the season some good things are finally starting to take place. None more exciting than how Miami’s Defense has played lately and there are even signs that the offense is starting to make strides. But let us start with our Defense which we all felt was a top defense in the league and for whatever reason did not start the season off that way. 

Young players on Defense like Jevon Holland, Brandon Jones and Jaelan Phillips are showing signs of being future ballers and my list below shows how many young drafted players really are contributing to this team recent success..including our young Lion King Tua Tagovailola!!!!

Well first Miami has won their last two games and one of those teams was a team that has manhandled Miami the last few times we played them as Miami on last Thursday night shocked the world when they dismantled the 6-2 Baltimore Ravens on national TV! Nobody saw that coming!!! Even me… 

What has changed for Miami is what head coach Brian Flores has preached and practiced ever since he was hired. One day at a time! 

What so many of you have failed to consider is the makeup of this team and of this coaching staff. All are young and it will just take time for them to fully mature and develop. 

The Dolphins have done a very solid job in drafting young players since GM Chris Grier has taken charge and despite the protestations of some looney fans with some agenda as well as the puppets who echo the lies spread by such negative folks the truth is Miami is doing very well and in this off season with potentially 75 million in cap space and 10+ draft picks the Dolphins can go into year 3 of their rebuild and add some more solid pieces through free agency and the draft to take this YOUNG team closer to being a true contender. 

Here is a list of 20 players drafted since 2019 that currently are contributing to the team and will only get better as they mature. 

Name, Position, Age & Years in the league 

  • Tua Tagovailoa QB 23years old 2nd year player 
  • Jaylen Waddle WR 22 Rookie 
  • Jaelan Phillips DE 22 Rookie 
  • Jevon Holland DB 21 Rookie 
  • Liam Eichenberg T 23 Rookie 
  • Hunter Long TE 23 Rookie 
  • Austin Jackson T 22 years old 2nd year player 
  • Noah Igbinoghene DB 21 years old 2nd year player 
  • Robert Hunt G 25 years old 2nd year player 
  • Raekwon Davis DT 24 years old 2nd year player 
  • Brandon Jones DB 23 years old 2nd year player 
  • Solomon Kindley G 24 years old 2nd year player 
  • Blake Ferguson C 24 years old 2nd year player 
  • Christian Wilkins DT 25 years old 3rd Year player 
  • Michael Deiter G 25 years old 3rd Year player 
  • Andrew Van Ginkel LB 26 years old 3rd Year player 
  • Mike Gesicki TE 26 years old 4th year player 
  • Jerome Baker LB 24 years old 4th year player 
  • Durham Smythe TE 26 years old 4th year player 
  • Jason Sanders K 26 years old 4th year player 

We have seen the growth of the players that have been on the roster the longest Baker, Gesicki, Van Ginkel, Deiter, Wilkins, B. Jones, R. Davis, R. Hunt. While some negative people say our GM should be fired because the development of Noah Igbinoghene has not gone as expected but Noah is still just 21 years old! They ignore the excellent job done so far overall as this young team is finally turning the corner. 

So, ignore the noise in the echo chambers and listen to the sound reasoning you get here at The Dolphin Seer!!! 



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3 thoughts on “This Young Dolphins Team Is Starting To Grow Up!”

  1. In regards to all of the armchair GMs and QBs running thier mouths like they have any clue……my brother (rest his soul) told me long ago…it’s better to keep your mouth shut and let people think your stupid, than open it and prove them right.

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