Dave Hyde Is Another Dolphins Troll!

Dave Hyde - South Florida Sun-Sentinel

He is not as bad as the first person I named as a Dolphins troll but he is awfully close! He much like Armando Salguero (formerly of the Miami Herald) seem to go out of their way to throw stones at the team’s management and stoke the flames of a fan base that for years have delt with incompetence ever since Don Shula was forced to retire. 

What they do is lump every year since that time into one big lie to imply that the Dolphins past errors are somehow associated with this current management. 

His lates article comparing Miami and the Jets head coaches to the Patriots Head coach/GM in their rebuilds is just the latest asinine thing he is spewing when both coaches for Miami and the Jets are young in their careers while Belichick (69 years old) considered by many to be the G.O.A.T (not better than Shula IMO) has the resume to make the necessary moves like spending 75 million dollars this past off season to fix the fact that his draft history is atrocious! 

Also consider this FACT, the Patriots have 32 players 27 years or older on their roster the Jets have 28 players on their roster 27 years or older compared to Miami who has 21 players 27 or older…..so who is really rebuilding as opposed to reloading?

* I do not subscribe to the SunSentinal so if you want to read the mess, he writes you must subscribe… I don’t pay for garbage!!!

While they are all praising Rookie QB Mac Jones his stats are at best mediocre (https://www.espn.com/nfl/player/_/id/4241464/mac-jones) he ranks 20th in the league in QBR! While Tua is 15th in QBR (https://www.espn.com/nfl/player/_/id/4241479/tua-tagovailoa

Look I am not knocking the Patriots rookie QB he has done an admirable job but for Dave Hyde to compare Belichick to Miami and the Jets head coaches is so DAVE HYDE!!!! He comes off to me as aloof or detached from reality! 

Just like so many puppets who seek people’s approval he too has jumped on the bandwagon of dissing our Dolphins instead of looking at the big picture he is so lost in the forest! He also consults with many of these young haters who spew garbage about our current GM and HC on their blogs calling for them to be fired…hmmm I wonder why? It is not race; I am sure!!!! NOT 

Hopefully, Hyde like Armando Salguero will move on to a bigger platform to write his junk against other teams and not Soley on our Dolphins and I can say much like Salguero he will not be missed! 

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