Assesing Dolphins GM Chris Grier

Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier talks 2021 draft | Miami Herald

After a 1-7 start to the 2021 season many are starting to question Dolphins GM Chris Grier and some have concluded that he needs to be fired, much of their reasonings are based off his draft record (history) and the players we currently have on our roster. Now let me be clear these calls are a direct result of the 1-7 start to the season and the disappointment after lofty expectations. 

The first reaction of fans and the media alike is to put blame on team management and the owner, I can understand that, I have no problem with folks who want to vent against the team. No GM is perfect and not every 1st round pick pans out so for some to use that as an excuse is just because they want someone to be the scapegoat. 

A realistic look at GM Chris Grier’s drafting since getting full control in 2019 (I also added 2018) where Grier was not in full control. 

2021 Draft 

  • Jaylen Waddle WR Hit (Starter) 
  • Jaelan Phillips DE (looking good) (Starter) 
  • Jevon Holland DB Hit (Starter) 
  • Liam Eichenberg T Hit (Starter) 
  • Hunter Long TE too early to tell 

2020 Draft 

  • Tua Tagovailoa QB (Starter) 
  • Austin Jackson T (Starter) 
  • Noah Igbinoghene DB jury Still Out 
  • Robert Hunt G Hit (Starter) 
  • Raekwon Davis DT Hit (Starter) 
  • Brandon Jones DB Hit (Starter) 
  • Solomon Kindley G jury Still Out 
  • Blake Ferguson C Hit (Starter) 

2019 Draft 

  • Christian Wilkins DT Hit (Starter) 
  • Michael Deiter G Hit (IR) (Starter) 
  • Andrew Van Ginkel LB Hit 
  • Myles Gaskin RB Hit (Starter) 

2018 Draft 

  • Minkah Fitzpatrick DB Hit (traded) 
  • Mike Gesicki TE Hit (Starter) 
  • Jerome Baker LB Hit (Starter) 
  • Durham Smythe TE Hit 

I count 14 starters and a host of good contributors on the roster that has been drafted by our GM in just 2 1/2 years of a complete rebuild. I am not sure why anybody would be calling for our GM to be fired because Grier has been doing an excellent job. In fact, he also has 3 more first round picks in store for Miami in the next two drafts. like I said in the beginning we all have good reason to be disappointed in the season sitting at 1-7 it was not what any of us expected, but a close look at the roster and it is full of young talent that is still in developmental mode. Calls for change are premature not only for our GM but as I said in the previous article our Head Coach also needs more time as well.


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