Brian Flores Has Earned More Time

Dolphins' Flores pressed on Watson questions. Here's how he answered. |  Miami Herald

Humility Needed?

Brian Flores is a good head coach; in fact, he is the best head coach we have had since Jimmy Johnson. If you doubt me go back and check, tell me who you would take over Brian Flores other than Don Shula and Jimmy Johnson? 

Brian Flores is going through a rough time but there are still nine games left in the season and I find it almost laughable that some of my fellow Dolphins fans are calling for Flores to be fired. This is his third season of a 5-year deal and quite frankly many of you was calling for Flores to be considered for COY just last season. Now due to his first time having some adversity in just his first 8 games of this season many are calling for his head. 

The hypocrisy of many of you is just astounding! You have never had adversity in your life? When faced with adversity don’t you want your friends and family to support and help you? I have already drafted an article explaining what I think is one reason behind these calls for Brian Flores to be fired I also included multiple reasons too… 

Brian Flores is doing a fantastic job with this team and I really appreciate him more in how he is dealing with this adversity because he is sticking with his process that he knows is right and it is just unfortunate that the Dolphins are not winning games that they should have won. Other than a couple games this season the Dolphins could easily be 5-2 but the ball has not bounced their way so far this season. 

If things go as they have under Flores in the past, they will turn things around and go on a win streak and climb out of this funk and win 7-10 games this season. Even if that does not happen, he has done enough so far in his first two seasons to continue with his contract. Brian signed a 5-year deal for a reason, this team had plans at the time of his hire to hit the reset button and that is exactly what they did just two short years ago. It takes at least 4 years to do a total rebuild! We are 2-1/2 years ino a total rebuild.

The problem with this world today is that there are too many talking heads out here that THINK they know better and they use social media and say anything they want. After a loss or in this case during some adversity some folks let their emotions get the best of them. A lot of it is fueled by the irresponsibleness of many out there who has positioned themselves as unoffical Dolphins spokes people who have a social media following and are no more than amateur fans who sit back and complain about everything when times are rough. 

Even worse are the professional sports writers who cover the team. They are professional antagonist with an agenda the same agenda that all news media have….they stir things up and get the fans angry and feed that fire! They sit on the sidelines and throw rocks at the team and its management and say stupid things like it has been 20 years since this team has gotten it right. Well, what does that have to do with our current Head Coach? He has been here just two and a half seasons and the previous two seasons he has exceeded expectations. 

Learn From Our History: 

The Dolphins under owner Stephin Ross have gone through Head Coaches like a newborn goes through diapers! And the fickle fans have eaten it up. That is the main reason this team has been a mess ever since Shula was forced to retire and Ross became owner. These calls to fire Flores are stupid overreactions and should Miami fire Flores how long before the fans be calling for the next HC to be fired? 

This firing coaches every 2-3 years is plain stupid, that is the reason this team is such a mess! It takes time to build a winner and it does not usually happen in just 2-1/2 years, when you factor in that Miami totally tore this team down in 2019 then it should be expected that the 5 years Flores was given a contract should be honored! 

Brian is a good head coach and has the qualities to be one of the best in the NFL, but he also is a young head coach that will make mistakes, he has done just that in several calls that have not panned out. Some say he is a A-Hole behind closed doors and that could be the reason he has had a tough time retaining some players and coaches. As with any young inexperienced person they will make mistakes but they will also learn from their mistakes. That’s life! We learn in life by making mistakes and hopefully growing from the lessons learned. 

Unlike Wannstedt, Saban, Philbin and Gase… Brian Flores is truly the right guy but he still is in the growing process and having met adversity it can tend to HUMBLE a person if they learn from it. Brian is facing adversity the question is will he learn from it? Can he be more flexible? Can he be more approachable? These are the things to look for from our young HC. 

Flores has done nothing to be fired for, hopefully this adversity will humble Flores and open his eyes to realize he needs the help of his players and coaches and he needs to learn how to treat them the right way and that trying to be an A-Hole like Belichick will not end well for him. It is time to let Flores grow but it is not even close to the time to fire him.This adversity can be the best thing to have hapened to Brian Flores because he will learn from it and grow into a better HC and man due to it or else he will be fired.


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1 thought on “Brian Flores Has Earned More Time”

  1. In the big picture, this season will end up being swept under the rug. You can’t keep replacing the coach every 3 years and expect anything other than what it’s been all along. Sounds like the definition of insanity to me.and the talk that he’s lost the locker room? Nobody being traded seems to set a different tone to that nonsense.

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