Should Miami Wait On Watson?

Deshaun Watson trade rumors: Dolphins-Texans agree on compensation ahead of  2021 NFL trade deadline - The Phinsider

Miami is rumored to be close to making deal for Deshawn Watson and I still stick to my original stance on the matter, I trust our management and whatever they decide to do I will support. What is the rush? I can see from Houston’s perspective why they want to dump Watson ASAP but the Dolphins do not need to make a deal before the trade deadline and here is the reason. 

One major reason for Houston to get rid of Watson, they currently are paying his $10 million dollar salary to not play this season but next season he will cost them over $30 million dollars to keep Watson on their roster. Houston is in a tricky situation with the Watson case because Watson who WANTS TO PLAY FOR MIAMI has a no-trade clause in his contract and he can only be traded to the team he wants to play for and despite all the reports that Houston is using the media to put out Miami’s GM Chris Grier knows that Watson wants to play for Miami. 

Armed with that knowledge the Dolphins should be in no rush to make that trade (I still think they should make the trade just not now) The more Miami let time pass the more desperate Houston will become! In the meantime, Miami can get greater value for our young QB as he seems to be turning that corner and playing better. Houston has been rumored to not have interest in Tua in any trade deals but that do not mean that GM Chris Grier do not already have a team or teams calling for Tua’s services and the better he plays the greater his value gets and I for one feel Miami should take their time and wait for seasons end to make a trade with Houston if they still would want too by then. That time will also allow for some of the issues in the Watson case to have more clarity. 

I laugh because Houston is leaking all these threats that other teams are in the mix and if Miami do not make that trade that even more teams might join the bidding process at seasons end but the one fact remains, Watson wants to play for Miami and unless Miami is no longer interested, they will eventually get Watson and for me that would be better after the 2021 season. 


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5 thoughts on “Should Miami Wait On Watson?”

  1. Especially if they don’t plan on keeping him. The better he gets, the more valuable he becomes.

  2. They’re going to have to wait, I read that settlements must be reached prior to any trade, and Watson doesn’t want to do it because he feels it’s an admission of guilt. There’s no way this gets straightened out before Tuesdays deadline. This goes to bed until next off season

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