Not Blaming Tua…BUT!!!!

Tua Tagovailoa trade rumors: Drafting a QB early is overrated - Turf Show  Times

Tua failed the test today (See: Statement Game For Tua?) Tua did not play good enough to win the game vs Josh Allen! That is why Miami will eventually trade for Deshawn Watson should he be found not guilty or settle the cases against him. It might not happen this season but for sure during the offseason I expect the trade to happen (See: Should Miami Wait On Watson?)  

Look I get it, this is truly not fair for Tua who is just 13 games into his NFL career, but the pressure by the Dolphins owner who is an aged man that wants desperately to win a SB before he dies and knows the only way that can truly happen is if the Dolphins get a franchise QB! That is why I being a lifelong Dol-Fan also want that trade to happen too. (I’ll turn 60 in December) 

It is just this simple, the difference in the game today was at the QB position as Josh Allen out played Tua by a wide margin and that’s because Josh Allen has more experience than Tua and it will take another 2-3 years for Tua to catch up if he ever does. Tua did not lose us this game but he also did not play well enough to win us this game and that is why so many of us are in total agreement with Miami seeking a trade for Deshawn Watson. Legal issues be dammed! 

I also know why so many have a cult-like following of Tua (like Tim Tebow) because he is a great person and extremely likeable, I mean no disrespect to compare Tua to Tebow because Tua is already a better NFL QB than Tim Tebow ever was! It is just that Miami MUST make that trade for Watson for this team to have a chance at winning what is becoming a more difficult division by the week, as Miami is sitting alone in the basement of the AFC East division as of today!  

The fan base is truly divided on this issue and I can see both sides to this debate but make no mistake about it I WANT WATSON! Watson is just 26 years old; He is ALREADY a top 5 QB in this league and his play alone will make Miami’s offense better that includes the O-Line, RB’s, WR’s and TE’s. Miami’s Defense when they play to their potential is a top 10 defense in the league but they need better play from the offense to play to their potential.  

I am not blaming Tua but I also know he is not the answer at this moment and time for Miami, not like Watson is. 


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