Noah Igbinoghene Is Not A Bust…YET!

Noah Igbinoghene staying positive despite lack of playing time -

I will be the first to admit that it was a head scratcher when in 2020 armed with 3 first round picks that Miami did not use one of them for the player, I coveted at that time Wisconsin RB Jonathan Taylor being raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and a Wisconsin Badger fan, I knew that Jonathan Taylor was a special player and would have success in the NFL and I genuinely believe to help a young rebuilding team from offense to Defense have a top running back is worth their weight in gold! If you are one of my loyal followers you know I was high on RB Najee Harris this past draft and once again Miami passed on him too…. (SMH) 

So, in the 2020 NFL draft a name popped up with our third first round pick #30 as Miami drafted Noah Igbinoghene, CB, Auburn… WHO??? 

I do a lot of work on my mock drafts every year and that was not a name even on my radar in the first round of the 2020 NFL draft. At the time I was pounding the table for Wisconsin RB Jonathan Taylor or one of the other top RBs in that draft. This is not some hindsight when I say Miami should have drafted Taylor then, even worse Miami passed Taylor up once again when they took  Robert Hunt, G, Louisiana-Lafayette with their 39th pick and two picks later the Colts took Wisconsin RB Jonathan Taylor with Pick: 41 of the 2020 NFL draft. 

Looking at things now would you rather have Taylor, Hunt or Igbinoghene? 

Noah Igbinoghene has spent more time on the teams weekly inactive list than playing and this being his 3rd season that is not a good sign. So why am I saying he is not a bust? Head Coach Brian Flores hit the nail on the head when he tried to explain to the annoying media that players develop at different pace and that is so true and a fact many fans fail to keep in mind, if they do not have instant success, they are a bust! 

Noah Igbinoghene going into his 3rd season is just 21 years old and his game is improving and he should get a chance to reduce the money Miami is currently paying way too much at that position as they need to dump one if not both of our overpaid CB’s who are getting burned just as bad as Igbinoghene has been through his early struggles and the way Miami can help Noah is to give him more playing time and see what we have and draft a top CB and have him compete with Noah for one of the vacant spots if not both as we part ways with our starting CB’s. 

There is no denying that Noah is struggling to play on the professional level, his case is made worse having both starting CB’s being two of the highest paid CBs in the league! 

NFL’s highest paid cornerbacks (average salary per year): 

  • 1. Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey: $21 million 
  • 2. Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey: $19.5 million 
  • 3. Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White: $17.3 million 
  • 4. Eagles cornerback Darius Slay: $16.7 million 
  • 5. Dolphins cornerback Byron Jones: $16.5 million 
  • 6. Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard: $15.1 million 
  • 7. Giants cornerback James Bradberry: $14.5 million 
  • 8. Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters: $14 million 
  • 8. Bengals cornerback Trae Waynes: $14 million 
  • 10. Washington cornerback William Jackson III: $13.5 million 

Howard’s new deal put him closer to the top of this list! 

Noah should be put in position to start for Miami in 2022 and Miami needs to make room for him to do so either by the trade deadline this year or at seasons end because for what the Dolphins are shelling out for Jones and Howard, they truly are not getting their monies worth! 


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