Dolphins @ Buffalo (Review) Better, Just Not Good Enough!

Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins: Live game updates from NFL Week 8 -

As expected, the Bills won again stretching their win streak to 7 in a row as HC Brian Flores is now 0-6 vs Buffalo. The only redeeming quality in this game was Miami was not embarrassed this time and as an optimist I will take that! The Dolphins could have won that game but the same mistakes that have plagued them as they continue to BEAT THEMSELVES happened in this game penalties, missed kicks, turnovers, and inconsistent play throughout the game doomed Miami again. They have spurts of good play followed by extremely poor play and long droughts on offense and the defensive side of the ball. 

Recapping the Game: 

Miami started the game off better than I had seen them play Buffalo in years, Tua and Parker were in sync and had a solid connection early in the game, Tua also threw the ball in some tight windows and they drove the ball down to the 20-yard line where Miami stalled but sure-footed Jason Sanders missed a 30-yard field goal and that set the tone for the day as mishaps, missteps confusion and sloppy play all self-inflicted doomed Miami today in Buffalo. 

Somehow on 3rd and 10 Josh Allen ran for 34 yards straight up the middle for a first down but Miami holds them on that drive and the Bills kicker showed Sanders how it is done by kicking a long field goal to give the Bills a 3-0 lead, after some back and forth between both teams Miami ties the game in the 2nd quarter when Sanders hits on a 51-yard kick. More back and forth and just before the end of the second quarter another lost opportunity to score happened as Miami seemed to have what they called miscommunications and snapped the ball that hit TE Mike Gesicki in the chess and they lost the ball on Buffalo’s 12-yard line missing a field goal at least and a TD at best! 

The teams go into the half tied 3-3 and I am incredibly happy because I knew we were not getting blown out this time and still had a chance to upset Buffalo! 

The second half turned into the Josh Allen/Cole Beasly show as Miami had no answer to being torched by Buffalo’s short passing game. With about 4 minutes in the 3rd quarter Josh Allen blows the game open when he threw a TD to receiver Gabreal Davis putting the score up 10-3 while about the same time Miami’s offense goes anemic. Buffalo early in the 4th quarter puts the game away with an Allen to Diggs TD making the score 17-3. 

Still not dead yet Tua drives Miami down and runs in a TD to close the gap to 17-11 after Miami goes for a 2-point conversion…. Buffalo drives down and kicks a field goal going up by 9 points again 20-11 with about 3 1/2 minutes to play and then Tua throws another untimely INT to close out the game you would think???? 

The ugly petty play of Buffalo’s coach and QB continues:

Last year when Miami went up to Buffalo with a playoff berth on the line Buffalo trashed Miami but what I was more upset about the loss other than Miami’s failure to show up was how Buffalo deliberately ran up the score, so in a game where they had won what did Buffalo do again today? They could have shown some class and took a knee and ran out the clock ending the game but NO! They went for the TD and then tried a two-point conversion!!! 

Yes, I know what some of you will say, Miami is paid to stop them and that is true but some coaches are classy but not the Bills classless HC and immature QB and hopefully this will be in the memory banks the day Miami have the upper hand on Buffalo! 


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