Statement Game For Tua?

Tua Tagovailoa put in awkward limbo with Deshaun Watson trade talks  escalating

Buffalo is the reason Miami is going hard for QB Deshawn Watson because the Bills QB Josh Allen is miles ahead of Tua and even though we have seen some positive results from Tua these past two weeks it is still not enough because the Dolphins are still riding a 6-game losing streak. Tua bears some responsibility for the last two losses but he certainly was not the reason Miami lost, the rest of the team in particular the Defense has not played to their potential. 

Miami could not have asked for a tougher opponent to have to face than the Bills who are riding a 6-game win streak over Miami and it has not even been close as the Bills have blown out Miami so bad, they look like they are playing a high school team when playing our Dolphins. The best way to make the playoffs is to win the division and Miami need to have a comparable QB to go up against Buffalo to have a chance at winning.  

It is truly unfair the way Tua is being pressured but life is not fair, so all Tua can do is play his game and grow as fast as he can and it is a great possibility that Tua will be the starting QB for Miami throughout the remainder of the season. This matchup vs Buffalo can be a statement game should Tua (just like the past two weeks) has another 300-yard passing and 3-4 TD game with no bonehead INT’s and the Dolphins play well enough to at least make it a game up in Buffalo. 

This is the game that Tua can start to put doubts in the minds of the owner who despite what folks say is the driving force behind the Watson trade that is being reported to have reached a compensation package and now some issues need to be ironed out (Like Some resolution to the Case against Watson) So I would be quite surprised if this Watson issue is resolved before the trade deadline. HC Brian Flores hinted as much when he said that Tua will be Miami’s starting QB for the rest of the season. 

Tua needs to continue to focus on his game and let his actions on the field do all the talking and I would love for nothing more for Tua to have a monster game and lead Miami to a win, that would put more pressure on team management as the fan base by a majority seem to want Tua to remain as Miami QB of the future and a statement game tomorrow can make Miami decision moving forward exceedingly difficult. 

Tua is a genuinely nice kid who does possess the talent to be a particularly good NFL QB the question can he match what Josh Allen have done to Miami over the last 2-3 years? 

I am not predicting a win tomorrow but I sure will root for one none the less the one thing I want is for this team not to get embarrassed again by Buffalo who in the last two game have outscored Miami 91-26! that is on average 45-13!!!!! Can Tua make a difference tomorrow? If so, he will get more backing from many who are on the fence when it comes to Watson vs Tua as Miami’s QB of the future even the Owner and team management! 

Here is to wishing Tua well this Sunday! 


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