Is Race A Factor In The Overreactions?

Kelly: How comfortable is Chris Grier with building a Brian Flores team? |  Commentary - South Florida Sun Sentinel - South Florida Sun-Sentinel

This is a story that I do not feel Miami gets enough credit for as both the GM & HC of the Dolphins are Black Men in a league that have a problem meeting their minority objectives at both positions, the Dolphins are the only team to have both their GM and HC of African American descent. Dolphin’s owner Stephin Ross deserves much credit as he has hired his GM and HC not as some tokens but as qualified men who to date has done an excellent job. 

2019 Purge: 

When former VP of Opps Mike Tannenbaum was finally relieved of his duties along with former HC Adam Gase, Chris Grier was given full control and he spent the 2019 season purging the roster and cleaning up the mess former VP of operations Mike Tannenbaum left behind, Grier did an excellent job of getting this team out of cap hell in a series of moves that cleaned up one of the worst cap situations in the NFL at that time. That left Miami with a 2019 roster that was devoid of talent as they prepared to spend big and utilize a plethora of draft picks acquired through trading some young talented players. (Tunsil & M. Fitpatrick) 

Brian Flores was left with not much to work with in 2019 thus expectations were extremely low for our Dolphins in fact many thought they would not win a game! With low expectations in 2019 the “Tank for Tua year” false narrative started, to make matter worse Miami started off the 2019 season with the worst margin of loss in team history, suffering massive blowouts the first 4 games of the season. 

HC Brian Flores did not get the “Tank for Tua” memo and won 5 games that year after a horrific start! Some though he did such an excellent job considering the lack of talent on that team that he should get honorable mention as COY. 

2020 actual first year of the rebuild: 

In 2020 the Dolphins were loaded with cap money and draft picks, thanks to Miami’s GM, who cleaned up Miami’s cap situation and the Dolphins had the most money to spend that year and with 3 first round picks and 2 second round picks this team was looking to turn things around quickly. Despite the changes on the roster that had more talent the Dolphins were projected to have a 6–8-win season with continued growth from the 2019 season. The Dolphins again started off slow in 2020 losing 3 of their first 5 games so it appeared they would meet expectations but Miami ripped off a 5-game win streak and ended the season winning 8 of their last 12 games in 2020. 

So, there was good reason to believe the hype surrounding Miami this upcoming season. Another draft that produced another 2 first and second round picks and free agent upgrades that made this team a potential playoff contender. 

2021 setback: So far…. 

As is the case in life the Dolphins are now having some setbacks, a string of BAD LUCK as some might say. They are riding a 6-game losing streak and have been blown out twice in the 7 games they have played. They are a late fumble away in the New England game from being winless. Tua was injured in game 2 of the season and sat out 4 games, it quickly helped even the most ardent Tua hater that he sure is better than Jacoby! 

Before the season started and in their first two seasons together both GM Chris Grier and even more realistically HC Brian Flores was being considered by some to be a COY candidate in his first two seasons as he was doing an excellent job despite some questionable coaching and roster moves because they were winning. 

The season has not gotten off to expectations by many of the fanbase and media so I ask you is it reasonable to be calling for the HC and GM to be fired after this setback? Why are some so overly critical of this teams HC and GM? Is RACE a factor? 

Yes, race is a factor, but that is not the case with everybody critical of the team there are some fans who have social media blogs, podcast, YouTube sites and websites and like myself I would call true fanatics but they carry an opinion that their followers quickly agree with (right or wrong). I will admit I would love to be the Dolphins GM; I am not qualified to be a HC but I do my mock drafts about every year and I have been begging Miami’s management to pick one of the two top RBs in the last two drafts and I wanted Jonathan Taylor and Najee Harris and if I were GM one of them would be on this team. That being said I am not calling for our GM or HC to be fired! 

So here are some reasons for the calls to fire our GM and HC: 

  • Angry overreaction to losses 
  • Jealousy (because they want the jobs of our GM and HC) 
  • They are trolls and/or fans of our division opponents 
  • They are losers whose life is dependent on the team winning 
  • They have issues with race 
  • They know better because they have hindsight (Herbert over Tua) despite screaming for Tua draft day! 

There are potentially more reasons feel free to enlighten me in the comments section… If you have one of the issues listed in my bullet points of reasons why some are overreacting GROW UP and GET HELP! 

Listen I get it, we love this team and yes, I hate when they lose but my life is not ruined when they lose and a true diehard fan is loyal to their team whether they win or lose. If you are making statements like… “I am done with this team” … “I am turning in my season tickets” … “Fire the HC, GM & Owner” you are not a DIE-HARD fan but more like a childish person who has no loyalty or patience. 

If you are a true diehard fan, I ask you to continue being patient because this team is truly close unlike claims in the past.


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