Miami @ Jacksonville (Review)

Miami Dolphins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars - Live Game Thread & Game  Information - The Phinsider

Tua is Back!

The season is sinking fast as Miami once again lost a game they should have won. Welcoming back our injured 2nd year QB who played well but mistakes like not running for a first down when he clearly had one as well as a costly interception contributed to the loss. Even with his mistakes Tua did enough for Miami to win the game. Miami’s offense put up over 400 yards, Tua was 33/47 for 349 yards 2 TD’s and 1 INT so that is one positive we can take from this game. 

Once again, the problem Miami continues to struggle with on offense is their run game, Jacksonville was giving up on average 120 yards per game rushing and Miami ended up with just 77 yards rushing and it goes back to my gripes about the last two drafts where Miami passed up on two top RB’s that would look good in a Dolphin uniform right now 2020 RB Jonathan Taylor and 2021 RB Najee Harris both who are far above any RB on our roster. No slight on Gaskins because I love him. (More on this in one of my upcoming RANTS) 

The Defense much like our offense have problems with stopping the run game and of late even the much-vaunted secondary has been exposed even before the absence of our high-priced CB’s (Howard & Jones) Miami is not getting their monies worth by either!!!! 

Stay tuned for my upcoming back-to-back signature articles The Dolphin Seer Rant! 


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3 thoughts on “Miami @ Jacksonville (Review)”

  1. And now with the Watson talk resurfacing, if that happens and the team still sucks, they will once again put the blame on Grier

  2. They are jealous and think due to “Hindsight” that they can do a better job than our current team management…. SMH

  3. X is an absolute waste of money, no effort at all, at least Jones looks like he somewhat tries. As for Tua, I’m almost to the point where I would support a trade just so he can succeed and shut the haters up once and for all. Based on what I see on other boards I’m embarrassed to be a Phins fan. And not because of the poor performance of the team, but the crybaby antics of this alleged fan base. Absolute worst in history..I hate to say it, but we get exactly what we deserve.

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