Miami @ Tampa (Review)

QB Review: Brissett has a decent day as Miami's defense lets him down

Defenseless is the only way to describe this team, once thought our strength this team’s defense was just awful so they finally are playing complementary football with our putrid offense! 

Miami got blown out again and it is official, this team is the worst team in our division and deserves to be last in the division and even though the Jets have the same record I can honestly say the Jets are playing better than our Dolphins. 

This 1-4 start is a death sentence for this teams 2021 season and now it’s just a matter of what they should do as this rebuild has taken a step back, I feel veteran players, especially those who are highly paid should be called out because they are not living up to expectations and the two I am thinking of are both of our highest paid players on the roster Xavien Howard and Byron Jones, they both did not earn their checks this past Sunday as they were beaten like a drum throughout the game. (I Bet Howard will not provide a refund!) 

Our defensive cannot stop a nose bleed, let alone the run as once again they gave up massive chunk yards up the middle and about anytime Tampa ran the ball as they rushed for over 120 yards…. 

The offense played better than they have but still is not good enough. One thing is obvious Jacoby Brissett is truly a backup QB and even at that position he’s a lower tier backup! 

Surprise, surprise surprise Devante Parker, Will Fuller did not play due to injury…. when will this team realize that they need to move on from players who even though they are talented, they are fragile, often injured, and unavailable far too many times? 

It starts to tune me out when I keep hearing the same old excesses when this team lose, we need to look at the film, make the corrections, work on our technique, blah blah blah 

There were some positives in this game with the changes they made along the O-Line, it seemed to work and they really did not play that bad. Miles Gaskins also was utilized very well in the game too. He averaged 5 yards a carry, but had just 5 carries! He was most dangerous catching the ball. (I have an article on Gaskins coming up soon) 

I have no problem with Miami losing if they at least were competitive but these games where they get blown out and look pathetic is where I take issues with this team. 

We all knew looking at the schedule that the Dolphins had a tough first 5 games but I thought this team was good enough to at least win 2 or 3 of those games, but they barely won 1! 

Time to move on to the next week…. hopefully, a win is in store! 


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