Miami Dolphins @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Preview)

Dolphins vs. Buccaneers - Game Summary - October 10, 2021 - ESPN
  • Where: Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL
  • When: October 10, 2021
  • Time: 1:00 ET
  • TV: CBS
  • Weather: 83 °
  • Point Spread: Tampa -10.5
  • O/U: 49.5

Our Miami Dolphins head just up the road to Tampa Bay to play one of their state rivals and the defending SB champions. Our Dolphins are in crisis mode, they currently are 1-3 after another slow start to the season for Dolphis HC Brian Flores. Some fans are already panicking and some have already given up on the season, many are just waiting for Miami to lose so they can continue to rip this YOUNG TEAM because they are not living up to outside expectations while others (Yes, I am a homer) remain hopeful that (even with a loss Today) the Dolphins season is far from over. 

A win though not expected sure would be great, but the Dolphins are on the road to play the SB champions with a -10-point spread in Tampa’s favor and from what I have seen so far from Miami’s offense it does not look good for our Dolphins. 

Stranger things have happened and I will watch the game not matter how ugly it might get because that is what a homer does. I am just not expecting a win. (Hoping for one though) 

Miami’s matchup: on Offense   

Once again, the Dolphins need to first establish the run even though it will be hard because Tampa has one of the best run defenses in the league. With that being said Miami still need to run on them. 

The opposite is true about Tampa’s secondary that has been depleted with injuries and so Miami should plan to attack them vertically. In their last game our Dolphins was able to get some ground with their passing game though far too late in the game. 

Miami is still not utilizing Mike Gesicki like they should and I question is this because he is in the last year of his rookie deal and the Dolphins are lowering his value for future negotiations? Just asking???? 

Miami’s offense has been the unit that has burdened this team because Miami’s defense is playing well when you consider how poorly our offense has played forcing our defense to play far too long in games. It sure would be nice if this offense can turn the corner because they possess the talent to be a sold unit. 

When the complete unit is playing this poorly you must look at the OC and I have made my feelings known from the start about Dual OC’s. 

Miami’s matchup: on Defense  

Miami’s defense gets some much-needed help DT Raekwon Davis has been activated from I/R. He can hopefully help stop the bleeding as the Defense though talented, cannot stop the run and thus they too take some responsibility in their being on the field way to long. 

The Defense understandingly is the strength of this team but unless the other two units (Offense & Special Teams) step up their game Miami will not win. 

The Strategy: 

Miami needs this win, but they are CLUELESS on offense, if there is a game, they can turn things around offensively it will be this one. Our strength matches well against Tampa’s current weakness. The Dolphins have one of the more talented WR group in the league their receivers are diverse and can do many things. The problem is with a struggling O-Line and poor play at the QB position and to add insult to injury the stupid game planning and calls has prevented them for playing to their potential. 

So far this season Miami has beaten themselves with stupid penalties, stupid in game decisions as well as turnovers, that was not the case in Brian Flores’ first two seasons and until they clean things up expect the losses to continue to mount. 

Right now, this team is a mess and needs to do something to turn things around. Maybe trading the most popular player on the team to the Bears will shock the players into playing better or else. Still, that cannot explain the poor coaching especially on the offensive side of the ball and just maybe that has a lot to do with how that side of the ball is structured…. Dual OC’s REALLY!!!! SMH 

My Take:  

It seems to never fail; we get our hopes up and Miami lets us down. It was my hope that in these first 5 game Miami would come out 3-2, that cannot happen now because they currently are 1-3 heading to Tampa. 

Miami has the talent to be one of the better teams top 15 or better but so far, they seem lost in the wilderness without a road map! I do not know what to expect from this team now because they have no identity on offense and until they do this team is in trouble. 

I go back to two things that hold true even in a pass happy league, if your team can stop the run on defense and run the ball on offesne well than you will be in every game. Unfortunately, Miami does just the opposite they cannot stop the run on defense and are not that good of a run offense. 

That is the key to winning against Tampa run and stopping the run. Just do not hold your breath this week. 


Tampa Bay 27, Miami 14 


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2 thoughts on “Miami Dolphins @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Preview)”

  1. In agreement with your prediction, not necessarily the score but the outcome. Just don’t see this game as winnable. Hoping to get proven wrong

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