Anything With Two Heads Is A Freak!

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(At least that’s what my mama told me!)

The early returns on this dual offensive coordinators’ situation the Dolphins head coach Brian Flores decided to go with this season is not looking particularly good right now. Can things change? Yes, but they need to start changing soon or this season will be lost due to this inept offense. Stupid play calling, poor game plans and the simplicity of this offense is concerning.

I know when I see STUPID, simple play calls vs the more complicated systems and so far, this year there have been far too many boneheaded calls coming from this offense. None more mind blowing than when they threw a pass to rookie WR Jaylen Waddle in their own endzone that resulted in a safety! The reason it was a bonehead call is because it did not work! Had it worked it would have been a great call, that’s the way it works in the NFL. 

Brian Flores is fallible and as a young (Tenured) head coach he has done some things that I am sure if he had to do over, he would. Unlike former head coach Adam Gase, Brian Flores is a leader and mature. Brian will take blame even when he should not. The mistakes made by Flores in his impatience not sticking with some of his former assistant coaches is evident.

Now we do not know the real reason some of his former Offensive line coaches and Offensive coordinators are no longer with the team but the fact that he has changed through both positions about every offseason is not good. 

Continuity is extremely important, especially when you are dealing with such a young team. The reason why the turnovers in his staff was never really questioned is because Brian so far has been winning and in his first two seasons as Miam’s head coach he has managed to exceed expectations, it’s still way too early to panic with 1-3 start but wins need to come soon and going into the defending Super Bowl champs backyard this weekend is a tough task for this young team and the chances are they will leave 1-4 and the backlash and second guessing and calls for the GM and or coach to be fired will continue. 

Wins are the only thing that will appease these spoiled brats and antagonist that cover this team and quiet the foolish noise in the background as they bash their own team while they are down. When Brian Flores lost OC Chan Gailey (who I think quit) last offseason, Flores made the curious decision after a long deliberation to go with DUAL OC’s, I did not think that was a clever idea for two reasons. 

First it is imperative that one person be the voice and if/when it gets tough like now, we know who is responsible for the poor showing of Miami offense so far this season. Second it is who Brian Flores made his Dual OC’s. It is no secret that I am not a huge fan of one of his decisions to be his dual OC and that is running backs coach Eric Studesville in fact I have been calling this guy out to be fired since 2019. I felt he should have been let go along with Adam Gase’ staff when he was fired. 

I do not know Eric at all, so it’s nothing personal but looking at the Dolphins running game since he’s been Miami’s RB coach it is a head-scratcher to me why this guy not only still have a job but he GOT PROMOTED to be one of the dual OC’s!!!! 

Eric Studesville was brought to Miami in 2018 by former Dolphins head coach Adam Gase and here is Miami’s rushing stats since his arrival: 

  • In 2018 Miami ranked 18th in rushing in the NFL 
  • In 2019 Miami ranked 32nd in rushing in the NFL 
  • In 2020 Miami ranked 22nd in rushing in the NFL
  •  In 2021 Miami ranks 28th in rushing in the NFL

Since Studesville has been in charge or the running game for the Dolphins, Miami has ranked on average 24th!!! And he gets promoted? He currently holds the titles of Co-offensive coordinator / running backs coach!!!! 

The other half of our two-headed monster is George Godsey has only been an OC once for one year. That was for Houston in the 2015-16 season. 

But wait it gets even more crazier! Our Dual OCs from some reports has a third head as it’s being reported by some the current QB’s coach Charley Fry is secretly calling the plays; HC Brian Flores says that Fry is just the guy who communicates to the QB’s the calls. It appears that George Godsey is the lead in this convoluted mess of a system as Miami’s offense ranks 31st in the NFL after 4 games. 

Brian Flores needs to reevaluate this after season’s end and either appoint one person in charge or go out and try and find a more veteran OC to come in and help this offense get an identity and some complexity, because it doesn’t appear to be working 4 games into the 2021 season. 


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