It’s When Times Are Tough That You Know Who Your Friends Are.

It is like spoiled children throwing a temper tantrum every time our Miami Dolphins lose a game, I too get upset when they lose but as an ADULT, I do not throw temper tantrums (at least not because of games) 

I get my release by drafting my articles and hopefully as my readers I can provide sound mature reasonings after every loss for you too. We live in a world filled with negativity and teams have an obligation to their fans and the media is a conduit between the fans and the team. 

There is a sub element out there that also has a voice and that is the many fan blogs like this one here. Unfortunately, many of them fall into the “SPOILED BRATS” category and overreact to wins and losses and are more of an echo chamber and they have a heavy following, so the negativity after every loss can go overboard. With their fantasy to be in charge of the team and because they have that amazing quality of hindsight they are the ones who spew things like “I Told you Miami should have drafted Justin Herbert, when this was the reaction when Miami drafted Tua by just about every Dolphins fan…. 

Oh, how easily they turn!!!! 

Now I have always put my mock drafts out and list before the draft who I think Miami should draft since this site has been in existence. I have been frustrated by Miami passing up on two top RB’s that came out in the draft the past two seasons especially when they had extra draft capital! ALL GM’s whiff on players it is not just Miami’s GM. 

Yes, we all VENT after a loss but some go to extremes and some of the reporters following the team who I call “Professional Antagonist” like your Omar Kelly’s, Dave Hyde’s, and Armando Salguero’s of the world who thrive on negativity! 

The Dolphins are going through a rough 2021 early season, we should be used to it because Brian Flores have historically done bad starting out the gate and even though they are aware of it this team is still too young and still have some maturing to do to get to the level they need to be to start playing more like a veteran team they need to become rather than the immature team they currently are. 

It is the veteran leadership on this team that should be questioned and eventually replaced if things do not change. Then next the coaching! 

I know this revolutionary idea has played out with many Dolphins fans but Patience is still needed and lowered expectations might be in order. But I am sure that approach is not what the fans want they want heads to roll, players to be cut, coaches & GM’s and Owners to be fired….and the media eats that up because it sells. 


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2 thoughts on “It’s When Times Are Tough That You Know Who Your Friends Are.”

  1. It’s almost comical how so many people point fingers, blab about who sucks, and who should be fired. Yet none of them seem able to provide a viable solution. It’s like the minimum wage guy pushing the broom in the workplace that says the boss is an idiot.

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