Time To Relax Dol-Fans!!!!!

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We all have knee jerk reactions when Miami lose a game, some get really upset and want everybody fired (Including The Owner) and others come up with as many excuses as they can because they have rose colored glasses and can’t see any issues. 

So weather you are a homer or a wanna be Owner/GM who spews hate at our current GM or HC because you have the benefit of “Hindsight” (Dave Hyde) that our current management does not, they draft in the moment while you yahoo’s sit back and throw rocks months or years later because you know better….(YEAH RIGHT!!) 

Nothing irratetes me more than folks who go back a year or two later and list the players the team missed out on in the draft like 30 other teams missed as well, these same folks grade the draft immediatly after (without hindsight) and tend to give the team great reviews. 

Miami has been rebuilding just two years and this team has more talent now than they did in 2019 just compare the rosters. Some of you might have unrealistic expectations because of the way this team has played last year but this is still a work in progress! 

Contributing Players Drafted By Grier since 2019: 

Jaylen Waddle, Jaelan Phillips, Jevon Holland,Liam Eichenberg,Hunter Long,Tua Tagovailoa, Austin Jackson, Robert Hunt, Raekwon Davis, Brandon Jones, Solomon Kindley. Jason Strowbridge, Curtis Weaver, Blake Ferguson, Christian Wilkins, Michael Deiter, Andrew Van Ginkel, Myles Gaskin to name a few. 

No GM is perfect, no HC is perfect but our current GM and HC seem to work well together better than any that I can think of since having GM’s. I also do not agree with the way this team has drafted especially the way they failed to draft a top RB these past two seasons. I totally disagree with the way GM Chis Grier drafts taking the BPA over the BPN (needed) I use two players that they seem to have wiffed on Leante Carro and Noah Igbinoghene. Both drafted even though we had their positions well represented on the roster, it makes it hard to get these young players playing time when you have great depth at thier position. 

With that being said I love our GM because he has done a great job since being given full control in 2019. He took this team from cap hell and now they have a very healthy cap situation, he is the one who hired Bran Flores, he also have gotten Miami a plethora of first round picks due to wise deals in favor of Miami. Now some are questioning the picks themseles just two years in their young careers. 

Evrn though I do not agree with the Igbinoghene pick he is on the team and I want it to work out, he is just 21 years old and tied as one of the youngest players on the team, he has many more years to develop into a quality player and being behind Jones and X can only help in his development. Austan Jackson is just 22 years old and he too have plenty of time to improve. It’s the fans, bloggers and professional instagators from the local news entaties and wannabe’s who are jealous and spewing nonsense! 

This team is EXTREEMLY YOUNG and they will develop and grow together, the foolish overreactions of folks with their own agendas should be ignored as to what it is FOOLISH! 

Yes I also get upset when Miami lose, especially when they lost a game like they did to the Bills in the home opener 35-0, I hate this team being blow out! But a loss to the Raiders that went to overtime I actually can deal with that! 

So my advice to those of you who go to the extreem and start calling for a new GM, HC or ownwer take a step back and remember the past 20+ years of incompatence, dysfuntion and mediocricy and realize that this team is truly on the right trackand will get things right because they have a good HCand a GM that work well together and are building a future contender. 


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2 thoughts on “Time To Relax Dol-Fans!!!!!”

  1. Basically a missed field goal cost us last week, and a BS facemask cost us the game this week. I can’t fault the team over the refs. Inability to do their jobs.

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