Indianapolis Colts @ Miami Dolphins (Review)

I always say that reality sets in about the first quarter of the season and now at 1-3 and tied with the Jets and potentially the Patriots after today’s games living in the AFC East basement, are the Dolphins really this bad? Was what we seen last year truly a team that overachieved? (10-6) 

The hope was that Miami would start this year off fast because since Flores has been here this team has gotten off the seasons slow and down 3 or 4 games and then start winning games and end up having a better season than most projected. 

Today against the Colts, Miami looked terrible and the only other game they looked even worse was against the Bills in their home opener. This team is a mess and if they do not get things on track soon a young team can and will lose all confidence in their abilities. 

They talk about complementary football but have yet to back it up. The Offense is by far the worse unit on the team and in the league, STATS do not lie! 

Our Offense has done the Defense no favors but still our Defense take much of the blame for their failures on their side as well. They still can’t stop the run and our secondary and pass rush is not where they should be. 

Stupid play calling, penalties and turnovers have plagued this team that was good at avoiding last year but now seem to be a weekly event. There have also been some bad calls by the refs that have changed the momentum of the games as well. But it has been the Dolphins that have been their worst enemy. 

I am so sick of hearing the same answers week in and week out, we need to look at film and see where our mistakes are…. they need to put in new film because the one they are watching is not helping! 

Flores is good at taking the blame by saying he and his staff needs to do better but that also is starting too wear thin…. 

The one bright spot were the WR’s Parker, Waddle and TE Gesicki the only problem was that Miami did not start using them until the 4th quarter when the game was out of hand. They are not well coached on offense and the defense is just being hung out to dry. Special teams also were a huge let down in all phases!! 

This was what I said in the game preview: 

My Take:  

I feel confident that Miami will win this game, but I also do not feel it will be an easy game and if the Defense cannot stop the Colts RB Jonathan Taylor we will be in for a long day and another potential loss. “ 

Taylor had 16 carries for 103 yards 6.4 yards per carry!!! 

Knuff Said!  

Oh, did I mention that Taylor should have been a Dolphin player instead of Noah Igbinoghene? 


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2 thoughts on “Indianapolis Colts @ Miami Dolphins (Review)”

  1. Last season very well may have been a fluke, but keep in mind there’s a reason Flo was given a 5 year deal. This team’s issues are no easy fix. As far as this season goes, our starting QB has only played 1 game. I’m not saying that Tua is the savior of the franchise, but there is no doubt in my mind that he is far better than Brisset. I would not be bothered at all if they were to give Sinnet the start next week. After all the outcome can’t be any worse than the last 3 weeks

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