Indianapolis Colts @ Miami Dolphins (Preview)

Miami Dolphins at Indianapolis Colts Matchup Preview 11/10/19: Analysis,  Depth Charts, Daily Fantasy

Miami vs Indianapolis

  • Where: Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL
  • When: Sunday, October 3
  • Time: 1:00 ET
  • TV: CBS
  • Weather: 81 °
  • Point Spread: Dolphins -2.5 
  • O/U: 41.5

Miami coming off an overtime loss to the Las Vegas Raiders are back home to take on the Indianapolis Colts in a game that will feature Miami’s struggling offense but an opportunistic defense that continues to make plays. 

Last week against the Raiders Miami played an incredibly good game and took them into overtime but lost. So, the Dolphins find themselves needing a win which will bring back some confidence to not only the team but the Fanbase as many of them have already begun to call for Heads to roll with a 1-2 start to the 2021 season 

On the other hand, I am not in panic mode, this team is still a potential playoffs team and as the season goes along and they improve each week things should get better. We have the talent on both side of the ball. 

The offensive-line has been struggling early as well as the play calling, the quarterback position and even our running game. Even though the run game made some improvement last week. 

Coming home to face the struggling but desperate Indianapolis Colts (0-3) can be a cure and appease these crazy, fickle fans who continues to overreact to every loss by the team. “Fire the head coach,” “Fire the GM,” “Fire the owner” … after every loss. 

I believe that Brian Flores is doing an excellent job of keeping this team focused on one game at a time, one week at a time, one day at a time with the idea of getting better and if they continue that approach, they will get better as the season mves along and fortunately for Miami as the season goes along the schedule favors them. 

I already knew that the early schedule was going to be tough for Miami in fact they are about where I thought they would be I also thought they might have lost the opener up in New England. I projected after the first 5 game Miami will be either 3-2 or 2-3.

So here we are at home against the coats in a game that Miami is favored to win, and I think the Dolphins will win. Miami NEEDS this win as they are facing a backlash of criticism’s that will eventually undermine this team (more on that in a future article) it is unwarranted, and it is way too early in the season to judge this team full of YOUNG first- and second-year players that are still developing. 

Miami’s matchup: on Offense   

The Dolphins head into this game 29th on offense as they have struggled out of the gate this year and with Tua out due to fractured ribs veteran QB Jacoby has taken over as the starting QB and his first start was less than spectacular, he needs to do better! I am not sold on this dual OC as far as the offensive game plan they are not utilizing the weapons, we have so that too needs to get better! 

The run game improved last week and hopefully they will realize what I have been preaching for the past two years as they passed up on the top RB’s coming out in the draft and the one they SHOULD HAVE drafted two years ago, Jonathan Taylor is facing our Defense today. I believe Miami should have focused on their run game on offense with a young QB and O-Line but with the strong defense they have, a solid run game is a friend to our young QB, the O-Line and our defense! That is why I am so disappointed that this team has failed to see this. 

Miami’s matchup: on Defense  

Miami’s defense is ranked 25th in the league after 3 games, a little better than our offense but clearly not as good as they can be, they still struggle against the run and even though they are considered a bend but not break defense they are allowing over 400 yards of offense to our opponents, they are on the field way too long and some of that falls on our inept offense. 

The Dolphins have faced some powerful offenses early on and hopefully they will get better as the season rolls along because our Defense is truly the strength of this team. 

The Strategy: 

Miami needs to focus on running the ball and stopping the run until they can do BOTH well, they will continue to struggle as a team because even though it is eye candy to pass, running the ball will provide a mentality and toughness, it will also help the Dolphins win the time of possession and will allow our defense to rest as well as allow time for our young offensive line to develop and improve in pass pro. 

This game could be the first game they start to turn around and focus on what is the best way to move forward as a team. 

My Take:  

I feel confident that Miami will win this game, but I also do not feel it will be an easy game and if the Defense cannot stop the Colts RB Jonathan Taylor we will be in for a long day and another potential loss. 


Miami 24- Indianapolis 17 

2 thoughts on “Indianapolis Colts @ Miami Dolphins (Preview)”

  1. This is why I read your articles….because you get it…still really early in the season to write this team off. At this point last year we were 1&3 and finished with 10 wins. Playoffs or not, it’s still a winning record. Leave the griefers and the haters to thier home on that other site. As you discovered there is no civility or intelligent conversation to be held there.

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