Miami Dolphins @ Las Vegas Raiders (Preview)

Fantasy Football Preview: Miami Dolphins vs Las Vegas Raiders -

Miami @ Las Vegas   

  • Where: Allegiant Stadium/Paradise, Nevada  
  • When: Sunday Sept 26th 
  • Time:  4:05 p.m. EST 
  • Weather: High  91°/Wind Speed: 5 mph 
  • Point Spread: Raiders -4 
  • O/U  43.5
  • TV: CBS 

After a home opener blowout loss our Dolphins go on the road to play an undefeated Raiders team that beat the Ravens and Steelers in their first two games of the season. So needless to say, Miami is a -4-point underdog heading into Vegas to play the Raiders later on today. 

The big news for the Dolphins is that quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is out for at least the next three games as he’s been placed on IR after suffering a rib injury against the Buffalo Bills in the home opener. This leaves veteran quarterback Jacoby Brissett as our starter going into Vegas. 

Miami is coming off of an embarrassing home opening losses reminiscent of Brian Flores first year in Miami the Dolphins did not look particularly well in any area offense, defense or special-teams even though the defense did finally get their footing and played better it still was not up to the standard we all expect from what we feel is a top defense in the league. 

The Dolphins will have to do a lot better to be in a game that everyone predicts will be a loss in Las Vegas to this afternoon. The Raiders on the other hand are playing very well they beat two top opponents and now face a team that many of us have no idea what to expect. I personally am holding on and bracing for another blowout loss but obviously as a fan I want to see Miami win, but after last week I have no clue what to expect. 

Miami’s matchup: on Offense  

With Jacoby Brissett as quarterback the Dolphins have a much bigger, stronger quarterback behind center and he’s going to need all the help he can if this offensive line does not play better than what they did last week 

The Dolphins have the weapons to do very well, offensively they have speed at every position they have one very good TE who can catch the ball like a wide receiver it’s just a matter of how this young offensive line can pick themselves up from a terrible performance last week and hopefully play better.

If Miami‘s offensive line can hold up against the Raiders pass rush then the Dolphins have a chance to put up some points and not come out with a goose egg like they did last week at home. I’ve been champion for quite a while that the Dolphins need to improve on the run game as much as I love Myles Gaskin he’s not a starting running back he’s a change of pace back so I would hope that they would at least start to consider using Malcolm Brown on first downs, he’s a bigger back and I think he can do a better job and gain yards early on to establish the run game.

If the Dolphins can do that then play action and the deep ball will come into play because Jacoby has a very strong arm and he has the weapons on the outside to make it a good scoring opportunity for the Dolphins. 

Miami’s matchup: on Defense 

Miami ‘s defense needs to start strong unlike last week when they gave up 14 points early in the first quarter, Raiders quarterback David Carr is having an outstanding start to his 2021 season and I’m sure the Dolphins are aware that he is a weapon that needs to be neutralized, unfortunately due to injury to Raekwon Davis we might find ourselves once again struggling to contain the run game. 

Last year when we played the Raiders and came out with that miracle win the Dolphins got torched by Raider’s TE Darren Waller who abused Eric Rowe who is normally a particularly good cover safety. Hopefully, the Dolphins will do a better job of containing Waller but that is not the only weapon that QB David Carr has been able to utilize so Miami’s secondary will have their hands full but if they play to their potential, I like our match up. 

The Strategy:

The Dolphins need to stop the run and somehow find a way to run the ball well to defeat the Raiders. Miami should not be in a shoot out with them because they will lose, ball control offense and a strong defense is what is needed for this team moving forward. Once Miami can run the ball well and they can stop the run that opens up so many other opportunities for this team and gives them the advantage against their opponents. (My continued gripe about the Dolphins passing on top running backs in the last two drafts is well documented.)

I liked what I saw of Malcolm Brown last week when he was finally put into the game, I think he should be our lead running back because he has the body size to be that first and second down running back and then you bring in Miles Gaskin or Salvon Ahmed as change of pace backs who can catch the ball as well. Our primary running back should be Malcolm Brown!

My Take: 

I must admit My confidence in this team has been shaken after last week’s debacle and I do not know what to expect from our Dolphins anymore, I know that they tend to always surprise us when we are thinking the worst and hopefully that happens today because right now, I have no confidence in this team. I am just hoping that the team themselves have better confidence in themselves than I do in them.


Raiders 24, Miami 10 


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