Miami @ New England Recap

New England Patriots host the Miami Dolphins in week 1 - TruthUnfold

It was billed as Miami’s second year QB Tua Tagovailoa vs his former Alabama college teammate Mac Jones, who is now New England’s rookie QB starter. Both played well but an honest evaluation of their play one would have to give the edge to Mac Jones having the better game of the two statistically, but much like last year Tua came away with the win and that is a huge win on many levels. 

First it was a win against a division opponent and not just any division opponent but the New England Patriots in their house, I can count on my hand the number times the Dolphins traveled to New England in the past 20+ years and came away with a win. 

Second the Dolphins find themselves a top the AFC East (at least after week one) and for many of us Dol-Fans we cannot take that for granted because the Dolphins have started off slow under our new head coach Brian Flores his first two years and finally, he won his first game of the season in 2021! 

At the end of the game Miami’s defense made the difference in a critical part in the game with a turnover but they also prevented New England from scoring on at least four occasions in the red zone throughout the game limiting them to field goals and that really was a difference. 

Our worst fears were realized as Miami’s offensive line did not have a particularly good game as Tua was under pressure the whole game and that had a direct effect on his game. Miami did have to play without their starting LT Austin Jackson who was released off of the Covid list just before the start of the game and that left Rookie OT Liam Eichenberg manning the LT position and he had his troubles.

The Patriots Offensive line did a better job of protecting their Rookie QB Mac jones and that as well as their game strategy to protect Jones with short passing and a solid rushing attack help Jones look particularly well in the game.

Miami still needs to do a better job on defense against the run that is still their only Achillies Heel as I do see their pass rush making a jump as rookie Jaelan Phillips continues to grow this year. We had a HUGE scare when Raekwon Davis went down on what looked like a serious ankle injury but from some reports he did re-enter the game at one point. I also feel Miami’s offense will gell and grow better each week as they learn what they do best.

Overall, this was a HUGE WIN for Miami as they now have at least on paper 4 more tough games early on their schedule starting next week with Buffalo at home in Miami. Buffalo has a 5-game winning streak against our Dolphins and the last time we matched up they trounced the Dolphins preventing them from making the playoffs last season the final score was Buffalo Bills 56, Miami 26! 

Ouch that still hurts!!!!! 


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