Miami @ Cincinnati (Final Pre Season Game)

Miami Dolphins vs. Cincinnati Bengals Matchup Preview (12/6/20): Betting  Odds, Depth Charts, Live Stream (Watch Online)

I must say for the final preseason game it was exciting to watch and even though we know it does not count, it was a pleasant ending to the preseason for the Miami Dolphins. The game started off a little shaky once again with problems with the offensive line as rookie T Larnel Coleman had his struggles even though his play improved as the game played on, third string QB Reid Sinnett played the entire game and he did an excellent job standing in the pocket and making plays. 

Sinnett threw a 43-yard TD Hail-Mary to Kirk Merritt with 1:20 remaing in the game and it was a play where he had to scramble arount to avoid the sack and reset his feet and threw a great pass that Merrit made a spectacular catch and stayed in bounds for the TD, that played sealed the game!

Reid Sinnett’s final numbers were the best in all of preseason this year for QB play, his 343 passing yards are the most by any one player in a preseason game since 2017. He most likely played the most of any QB too the entire game. None the less an excellent showing minus the one INT!   

For rookie running back Gerrid Doaks who was drafted in the seventh round by Miami in 2021 it was a homecoming as he played for the University of Cincinnati and he ran well despite the final numbers. Bran Flores gave the standard answer he give about Doaks when asked…’‘He’s tough, smart, competitive, smart kid, team first,” Flores said. ”Really all the attributes you’re looking for in a Miami Dolphin.” 

The Defense played pretty good and did well against the run at times and Noah Igbinoghene also had a pretty good game he played some solid defense broke up quite a few passes and his development seems to be moving forward which is great news you can tell he still need some more development but he seems to be responding to the coaching that he’s getting. Noah made the final play to end the game with a pass breakup to avoid a TD pass.

It was a very pleasant surprise to see the third string and the bubble players play as well as they did in a game that maybe some of them have won a roster spot if not for the Dolphins for some other teams.

As for the coaching that’s the one thing that I’m really happy with, Brian Flores is the real deal there’s no way in the world that the Dolphins will ever give up on this guy he seems like he’s going to have a long-term career as the Miami Dolphins head coach.

Like I said all in all it was a very good game to watch I was pleasantly surprised if you did not watch the game and you can get it on replay how are you wanna go to YouTube and get the game the highlights I think it’s worth looking at 

Now it’s time to hunker down and prepare for game one of the NFL season against the New England Patriots up in New England how’s that for fun and then our second game is at home against Buffalo who has owned us for the last 2 to 3 years I’ll have more of that in an upcoming article about the Miami Dolphins 2021 season.


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