Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire?

Should The Miami Dolphins Trade Tua Tagovailoa For Deshaun Watson? |  Houston Texans - YouTube

We are back where we started in January again as rumors continue to persist and they are getting louder that the Miami Dolphins are the front runners in a trade for disgruntled quarterback Deshaun Watson. (despite his legal troubles) 

So, the question is would you make such a trade? I have always maintained a position that whatever the Dolphins management decide to do I will support it because they have earned my trust and should have earned every Dolphins Fans trust by now, I just want what is in the best interest of the team. 

According to reports the sticking point is compensation, rumor has it the Texans want three first round picks and two second round picks in exchange for QB Deshaun Watson and some say that they do not want Tua in a deal while others say they might want Tua.

Apparently three teams have dropped out of the bidding for Deshaun Watson (Denver, Philadelphia & Carolina) and reports say the Dolphin’s only sticking point is some assurances that if Deshaun Watson’s legal troubles come to fruition and he gets convicted that conditions are in place. 

Now I’m pretty sure there are quite a few here who love Tua Tagovailoa and wants him to be our starter, I actually have come to like Tua as well and I am fine with him being the starter, but the truth is that Tua Tagovailoa is not Deshaun Watson he’s not on his level and if the owner is insisting that this team win a Super Bowl soon than having Deshaun Watson on this roster would make the Dolphins an insyant Super Bowl contender and that’s not the case with Tua, not to say that it could not be somewhere in the future. 

But if we get Deshaun Watson, I guarantee you the Dolphins percentage of winning the Super Bowl would increase dramatically as well as the projection of them winning the AFC East and remember folks Deshaun Watson is only 25 years old! 

As far as compensation, reports say Houston claims to not be interested in Tua Tagovailoa, but I guarantee you somebody would be and if the Dolphins make a trade they will get their compensation back by trading Tua to some other team so it is a win-win for the Miami Dolphins either way. 

So do not be shocked if the news come down the pike that our Miami Dolphins have acquired Deshaun Watson and even though we all have seen major developments and improvements in Tua’s game I for one would be disappointed that we will not stick with him but I also would be extremely excited because the Dolphins’ chances of winning will significantly increase with the DeShaun Watson under center rather than Tua. 

So, I invite your comments below what would you do? 


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3 thoughts on “Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire?”

  1. Well……since you put it that way…..I cannot argue your point. Like you say, I as well will support whatever path the team chooses to take

  2. The money is never an issue because teams find a way to make it work especially in trades by restructuring deals and if Tua continues to progress like he appears to be he too will demand a huge payday most likely more than Watson’s current contract.

    It’s quite obvious that Watson has more talent and is already a top 5 QB in the league so he will make everyone around him better including the offensive line. We hope Tua gets to Watson’s level but we KNOW that Watson is already a pro-bowl franchise QB and is just 2 years older than Tua.

    Watson has been tried by the public but currently there are not charges more than accusations and I for one feel that it’s all about money and that too will get resolved.

  3. The elephant in the room that nobody seems to see is where is the money for Watsons contract going to come from? And IMO his presence changes nothing in the big picture aside from losing out long term. With the question marks on the Oline, this team is still not ready for contention this year. A divisional playoff appearance would constitute a great season in my book. Anything more is icing on the cake

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