Miami vs Atlanta (Preseason Game 2)

Countdown to Kickoff- Dolphins vs Falcons - Miami Dolphins

The only disappointment in the game was the fact that Atlanta did not use this game as a dress rehearsal so it will always be brushed off by the Falcons and their fans because they did not play their starters. That is not the Dolphins problem, they did exactly what they should have in that situation THEY DOMINATED the Falcons! 

Producing 422 total yards of total offense and holding the Falcons to under 20 points, winning the game 37-17. Offensive stars of the Game Tua Tagovailoa, Miles Gaskin (2 TD’s), Mack Hollins, Mike Gesicki. Defensive stars of the game Sam Eguavoen (4 sacks), Eric Roe (Blanket Coverage), Calvin Munson (Int). The Dolphins ended up punting only once, Miami’s Passing Game was particularly good as all 3 QB’s scored TD’s and played well .

As much as I have complained about not drafting top RB’s these past two years (and it was a mistake!) the Dolphins had incredibly good production from their RB by committee (Gaskins, Ahmed & Brown), Miami was very productive without three of their top WR’s, They spread the ball around to their receiving core. Very good day!

Room for improvement: (Defensive Run Game) 

TDS Take: 

I just posted in my last article ( Keeping These Glorified Practices In Perspective ) how we don’t want to get too high or too low about these preseason games as they are nothing more than another form of practice and I will use that as I talk about this past game. 

Overall, it was a very good performance by this Dolphins team (despite the Falcons not playing most of their starters) from the passing game to the run game the offensive line played much better than the previous week 1 preseason game. Tua has been consistently good and it looks like they have the right offense in place for Tua to thrive unlike Chan Gailey’s offense that was tailor-made for Ryan Fitzpatrick to thrive in. 

The Dolphins are well coached, and they seem to be falling in line with that coaching and I truly am excited about the future. 

There are things that need to be cleaned up, like run defense and continued development of the offensive line but this was a solid performance and if they can carry this momentum into the regular season Miami will do just fine this year.


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4 thoughts on “Miami vs Atlanta (Preseason Game 2)”

  1. I felt there were a few plays on both O & D where it seemed Miamis starters were almost complacent against Atlantas 2s and still created good plays

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