Keeping These Glorified Practices In Perspective

Miami Dolphins training camp 2021: Twitter updates from return to practice  - The Phinsider

It never fails every year as we feen for our addiction after about 6-7 months of the NFL off-season that exuberance exudes and the fans of about every NFL team have hopes and dream and in some cases delusions of grandeur that this is the year that their team is Super Bowl Bond! 

So, after months of off-season moves through free agency and the draft, we fans cannot wait to see how the teams we love looks and it starts with OTS than practice and then preseason all a prelude to the start of the real games the NFL regular season. Then reality sets in!!! 

I just want to remind you all that preseason is nothing more than a glorified practice or warm-up to the regular season and NOTHING should be taken at face value because this is the time of the year where teams play games the media sale snake oil and we gullible fans eat up every second of it! 

The Dolphins first preseason game is a fitting example of the hype and games played during preseason especially by the Media. It was a tale of two QB’s and how it was billed. 

As Dolphins fans we spent the entire off-season seeing our QB being roasted on open grill like a shrimp kabob (I Love Shrimp) while at the same time in Chicago they are chomping at the bit for their young QB recently drafted this past April and I do feel he slid to far down the draft board and there might be some teams regretting bypassing Justin Fields. 

So, this past Saturday, in fact it began last week Tuesday when Miami did joint practices with the Chicago Bears and the key word is PRATICE and all the hype building up to the first preseason game of the season for both teams. 

All eyes were on Tua and how he would play as the haters are lurking in the background waiting for Tua to fall flat on his you know what! But to the surprise of some (Not Me) Tua had a very good outing in last Saturday’s preseason game but the game was being built up for the Bears Rookie QB and it played out that he had a descent showing in the game as he threw for 122 yards and scored 2 TD’s one rushing and one by way of the pass. 

So, after the game the headlines were how well Justin Fields played and how Tua did ok but he also threw an INT. 

So, if anybody who did not watch the game read the reports or watched the video of the game you would have sworn that Justin Fields lit up Miami’s defense and should be inserted into the starting lineup immediately! But for those of us who did watch the game we realize one important fact was left out of the reports of that game.  

Justin Fileds played MOSTLY against Miami’s 2nd and 3rd team defense!!!! 

Also, there was no game planning and Tua did not have his starting WR’s other than J Waddle. These are the facts that they failed to mentioned during the reports of these glorified practices! 

My advice to you all is to keep things into perspective and do not let the hype of the preseason get you too high or too low because at the end of the day THEY DO NOT COUNT! 

So many things are left out and kept secret for the regular season when these games do count! 


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