Miami @ Chicago (Pre-Season)

Miami Dolphins vs Chicago Bears Live Stream: NFL Preseason, Game Time,  Preview - Project Spurs

My observations from our first preseason game, it’s just nice to see football is back we will get football every week for the next 5 months hopefully longer if I Dolphins make it to the playoffs. It all starts with Miami following the advice from their head coach Brian Flores getting better one day at a time and building up on that, there are things that were good in the game and things that to me are a cause for concern. So let’s get to the highlights and low lights of the game.


Let’s start with the most obvious question how did quarterback Tua Tagovailoa do? My honest assessment is he did very well, he moved the ball well he made some very good throws the majority of the time. Tua ended up 8-11 for 99 yards and 1 INT. Obviously some will harp on the one interception Tua threw but overall his play was very good. Remember it’s preseason what better time for mistakes. I am not concerned.

What I am concerned about is the offensive line play, especially when it came to run blocking. Jessie Davis was bad, I know the Bears have one of the top Defenses in the NFL but when it came to running the ball the Dolphins have a long way to go and if they don’t get that going I feel it will be the reason why they will not make the playoffs AGAIN!

I still think Miami made a huge mistake the last two years by not drafting one of the top running backs in the draft, this is no slight on any of our RB’s on the roster more so than a need for more TOP TALENT in the backfield! I would have rather had Wisconsin’s Jonathan Taylor (Indy) instead of CB Noah Igbinoghene in 2020, and I would have rather had Alabama’s Najee Harris this year than DE/LB Jaelan Phillips in this past draft.

Miami’s running backs did not fair well as Malcom Brown had 9 carries for 8 yards and did not look good, (Some of that was the poor run blocking) but Brown seem hesitant and was not effective in running the ball. The Bears stuffed Miami at the goal line and forced them to kick a field goal. I blame both the RB and the offensive line, I also question the playcalling at the line.

As far as the receivers the ones that actually suited up the best catch of the day was by TE Mike Gesicki (also in mid season form) who Tua hooked up with for a 50 yard gain, the longest reception of the game game. Miami was without their top WR’s and it showed.

The Defense:

Miami’s Defense was in mid season form as they shut down Andy Dalton and the bears offense and just about pitched a first half shut out until the Bears Rookie QB Justin Fields lead them to a field goal late if the first half. There than that the Do,lphins Defense was outstanding and even the secondary without Howard and Jones played exceptional!

The front seven dominatesd the bears starting offensive line and for the most part dd very well against the run. The problem came with the 2nd and 3rd team defenses as the Bears Rookie QB basically shredded our 2nd and 3rd team defenses and put up some impressive numbers as he was 14 for 20 for 142 yards and threw for a TD and also rushed for a TD! Once again it was not against our starting unit!!!!

Bears fans have a lot to be excited for this kid seems like he is a keeper!


Miami’s Special Teams also was in mid season form and it was truly exciting to see Jaylen Waddle do a punt return even though he dilebertly ran out of bounds to avoid getting hit. Our punster and Kicker did very well also. Jakeem Grant might need to look over his shoulders!!! Grant also did well in his ST’s role.

Overall it was just fun to see a game even if it’s preseason and now we turn to next week against the Falcons, I am sure we will have joint pratices and then a game just like this past week.



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2 thoughts on “Miami @ Chicago (Pre-Season)”

  1. Nailed it….I can’t add anything, except if the can can’t open up holes, it doesn’t matter who the RB is.

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