Behind Enemy Lines: The New York Jets

Robert Saleh forgot he was the Jets' head coach for a second
Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh

After enduring what we Dolphins fans endured when both teams made the tragic mistake of hiring former HC Adam Gase just like Miami the Jets parted ways with Gase this past off-season and brought in what to me is an unknown but similar to HC Brian Flores a defensive-minded HC.

The Jets seem to be finally headed in the right direction and if I were a Jets fan I would be extremely happy with the changes that are taking place in that orginazation. They have that certain feel that much like Buffalo and Miami they will put together a young talented roster that will be very competitive and start to string together wins and potentially compete for the AFC East title tough early on there might be growing pains.

The other thing the Jets seem to have gotten right is their GM who is Joe Douglas and just seeing how the Jets have drafted these past two years I love some of his picks as they were players I had wished the Dolphins had taken. (22 rookies on the roster this year, 3 first-year players, 19 second-year players total 45 players with 2 years or less NFL experience) I do not feel the decision to draft QB Zach Wilson instead of QB Justin Fields was the right call but that is something only time will tell.

They have focused on their QB, offensive line, run game, and defense in what appears to be a solid approach to their rebuild.

This past off-season the Jets parted ways with their 2018 1st round pick QB Sam Darnold (A mistake IMO) and brought in a new young face in BYU QB Zach Wilson to hopefully fulfill the role of the franchise QB for the future. Darnold was traded to the Panthers who will play the Jets in week 1, is there some revenge for Darnold?

As noted above the Jets abound with young players that they are banking on them maturing and developing into solid to great NFL players and I like their approach to things, I do feel they will struggle in 2021 but then will sift out the players that don’t fit and will have an idea of the players they would like to move forward with and look to the year 2022 and free agency and the draft to improve on a roster with so many questions early on.

With a rookie Head coach and this many young players, there are expected growing pains and hopefully, the Jets fan will be that more patient knowing their situation.

I have a good feeling about their direction and the folks they have in place as this team along with the rest of the AFC East will be a formidable division and I am already working on my AFC Beast article….stay tuned

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