Miami Dolphins 2021 Training Camp Week 1 In Review

Day 1: (Tuesday, July 27, 2021)

This was the day that players reported to camp there were no actual workouts this day but the off-season news that has persisted came to camp and that is CB Xavien Howard reported to camp and much to the delight and excitement of all of his fans, it was great news but short-lived as Howard after camp released a statement about his situation with Miami. Basically, he asked for a trade because of his displeasure with his contract situation.

Howard posted this on his social media account:

“I’ve given my heart and soul to the Miami Dolphins franchise since they drafted me in 2016,” Howard began, “and want to make it clear that I love my teammates. “They are my family. But what I’ve learned is that the business side of the NFL proves organizations don’t always have a player’s best interest at heart. “My experience with the Dolphins the past few seasons has taught me that. In 2018 I signed an extension that I’ll admit I didn’t completely understand, or feel comfortable with.

“I’ve played on that deal  for two seasons and didn’t complain, but everyone knows I’ve significantly outperformed that deal.”I’m one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL, and the tape backs up that claim. The assignments I’m given, shadowing the opposition’s best player with little help, proves my value, my worth. Yet, I’m the second highest paid cornerback on my own team, and it’s not even close.

“I want to clear up a few misconceptions about my situation. My agent David Canter and I have never once asked for a completely new contract. “We wanted things to work out with the Dolphins, and brought solutions to the table — like guaranteed money — that we felt were win-wins for both sides. There were proposals of adjustments that wouldn’t just make me feel more respected, but were also cap friendly. But the Dolphins refused everything we proposed.

“This is why I don’t feel the organization has dealt with me in good faith. I don’t feel valued, or respected by the Dolphins. Just like they can take a business-first approach, so can I. “That’s why I want to make it clear I’m not happy, and have requested a trade. “Until that trade happens I am just here so I don’t get fined, and will handle myself like professionals do.”

This stalemate will probably go on for a while as it appears Miami wants to keep Howard and they are trying to find a way to appease their star player rather than trade him (I would like for them to trade Howard) Stay tuned!

Players on the PUP list: DeVante Parker, Preston Williams, Elandon Roberts, D.J. Fluker. (Fluker was eventually placed on I/R)

Miami Dolphins Covid Status:

Head coach Brian Flores declined to provide information on what percentage of his players have gotten vaccinated, though he himself has done so.

“My message to all of the players is the same,” Flores said. “Let’s follow the protocols and do everything we can to allow ourselves the opportunity to meet, walkthrough, practice and string good days together.”- B Flow

Day 2: (Wednesday, July 28, 2021)

The Dolphins finally take to the field with their camp practice and CB Xavien Howard was in attendance just after dropping that bombshell request to be traded and many are wondering if he is in a HOLD IN situation meaning is he just there to avoid being fined? Well, he did actually say he was in attendance to avoid the 50K a day fine. So the next question is will he fake an injury to avoid practicing? Well in a twist of irony Howard suffered a minor ankle injury and was taken off the practice field and later returned to observe. (SMH)

On to practice:

The 2nd biggest story this off-season is how QB Tua Tagovailola will perform as he is under unfair scrutiny IMO and all eyes are on him.

These are notes from various reports of people who attended camp: by Joe Schad

  • Will Fuller V dropped a perfectly thrown pass by Tua Tagovailoa on the first play of a passing drill after position drills.
  • Rookie first-round pick Jaylen Waddle joined Jakeem Grant and Lynn Bowden Jr. in fielding punts.
  • Tua’s first pass in a seven-on-seven drill was a short completion to tight end Adam Shaheen.
  • Tua later had a nice 15-yard completion to Waddle.
  • Linebacker Jerome Baker picked off Tagovailoa in that seven-on-seven drill.
  • Allen Hurns got open deep but Jacoby Brissett overthrew him.
  • The first play of the first team drills of training camp featured a short completion from Tagovailoa to running back Myles Gaskin.
  • Grant made a nice diving catch on a low Tagovailoa pass.
  • Hurns got open again deep in a team drill but couldn’t down with Brissett’s slightly overthrown pass.
  • Robert Foster, who looked good catching passes in the spring, came down with a nice snag on a high throw by Brissett.
  • Fuller made a diving catch on a low Tagovailoa pass.
  • Linebacker Andrew Van Ginkel had a second interception against Tua.
  • Tagovailoa threw a touchdown pass to Shaheen after rolling out
  • On the final plays of practice, Tagovailoa threw a 65-yard touchdown pass to Albert Wilson.
  • Byron Jones did push-ups after not completing a deep interception off a Tua Tagovailoa pass.
  • Nik Needham had a nice pass break-up on Jacoby Brissett pass. Needham always seems to stand out in the spring and summer.
  • Michael Deiter had a high snap to Tua Tagovailoa.
  • Jacoby Brissett fired a laser over the middle to Lynn Bowden.
  • Jacoby Brissett completed a deep bomb to Isaiah Ford.
  • Raekwon Davis and Jaelan Phillips created some pressure.
  • Tua Tagovailoa had red zone TD passes to Mack Hollins and Jaylen Waddle.
  • Albert Wilson continues to make plays out here. He looks good.

Day 3: (Thursday, July 29, 2021) BY ALAIN POUPART

The early portion of team drills was focus on the running game.

  • Jaylen Waddle, Noah Igbinoghene and Jakeem Grant took turns fielding kickoffs, as the Dolphins devoted a lot of time to special teams in this practice.
  • Tua Tagovailoa looked deep to Albert Wilson in a 7-of-7 after connecting with him on a bomb Wednesday, but this one was batted away by cornerback Byron Jones, who then did push-ups for failing to come down with the interception.
  • Nik Needham had a nice breakup of a Jacoby Brissett pass intended for Isaiah Ford, who is now wearing number 20.
  • Third quarterback Reid Sinnett had a nice completion deep down the middle to Kirk Merritt.
  • Nice pass breakup by safety Brandon Jones against Brissett.
  • Michael Deiter had an errant shotgun snap that forced Tagovailoa to jump to get the ball, and Jaylen Waddle then dropped a perfectly thrown pass downfield.
  • Solomon Kindley and Mike Gesicki each committed a false start in a team drill.
  • Brissett had a couple of nice completions to Lynn Bowden Jr. in team drills.
  • Brissett had the highlight play of practice with a deep completion down the middle of the field to Ford.
  • Raekwon Davis would have had a sack of Tua had this been a game situation.
  • In goal-line drills, Tagovailoa threw touchdown passes to Myles Gaskin, Mack Hollins and Waddle. Hollins punctuated his touchdown with a windmill dunk over the crossbar.
  • Ford later made a nice sliding catch on a Brissett pass thrown behind him.
  • Waddle had another drop of a catchable pass.
  • Tua had a long completion down the right sideline — and again it was Wilson on the receiving end.

Day 4: (Friday, July 30, 2021) BY ALAIN POUPART

  • Xavien Howard and Will Fuller V both missed practice with injuries, along with the three remaining players on PUP — DeVante Parker, Preston Williams and Elandon Roberts.
  • As he did Thursday after leaving practice, Howard appeared wearing a safari hat.
  • Larnel Coleman made his first appearance after starting camp on the Reserve/COVID list, but he walked off the field accompanied by a trainer.
  • Lynn Bowden Jr. took the place of Noah Igbinoghene in joining Jakeem Grant and Jaylen Waddle to field kickoffs. Grant took part in the first set of kickoff returns Thursday before sitting out the second set.
  • On the first play of 7-on-7, Tua Tagovailoa hit a pass downfield to Jaylen Waddle before two plays later completing a bomb down the right sideline to Robert Foster, who has done nothing but impress since the start of the offseason program.
  • Foster later caught another deep pass, that one down the left sideline and from Jacoby Brissett.
  • Tagovailoa had another nice completion down the middle of the field to Waddle.– Grant made a nice diving catch of a long sideline pass from Tagovailoa.
  • Wide receiver Kirk Merritt made a nice diving catch on a low pass from Reid Sinnett.
  • Grant continues having a really good day, making a nifty catch of a Tua pass in the back of the end zone.
  • Linebacker Andrew Van Ginkel batted down a Tua pass at the line of scrimmage.
  • Merritt made a brilliant catch in the end zone on an alley-oop from Brissett when he jumped over Williams to grab the ball.
  • Justin Coleman came up with an end-zone interception against Tagovailoa after his pass went off the hands of his intended receiver.
  • Rookie first-round pick Jaelan Phillips was not spotted on the field in the latter portions of practice.
  • The defense got good pressure in the first portion of a later team drill.– Rookie second-round pick Liam Eichenberg committed a false start in a team drill.
  • Eric Rowe had great coverage against Mike Gesicki, but Tagovailoa put the ball where only Gesicki could catch it and Gesicki went down to make a great catch. That was Tua’s best pass of camp so far.

Day 5: (Saturday, July 31, 2021) BY Joe Schad

  • Brian Flores says he’s excited about having fans back at Dolphins practice on Saturday afternoon.One player who got a loud ovation was linebacker Shaquem Griffin.
  • Jaelan Phillips and Will Fuller are both day-to-day, Flores said. Both will miss practice.Flores said there is a chance Xavien Howard might appear in a limited basis today, as he returns from an ankle injury.
  • Come back for more live updates from Dolphins practice this afternoon.• Tight end Mike Gesicki won’t practice for a medical reason.
  • Dolphins opened with Austin Jackson-Liam Eichenberg-Michael Deiter-Robert Hunt-Jesse Davis from left tackle to right tackle.
  • Nik Needham opened at outside cornerback, opposite Byron Jones.
  • Jevon Holland opened at deep safety for the Dolphins. Holland dropped a potential interception from Tua Tagovailoa.
  • Justin Coleman opened as the slot, or nickel, cornerback.• Brennan Scarlett forced Lynn Bowden to fumble after a catch.
  • Receiver Robert Foster has been impressive. 
  • Tua Tagovailoa fired one over the middle to Albert Wilson, who continues to shine this camp.
  • Jaylen Waddle made a nice sliding catch over the middle from Tua Tagovailoa. As Dolphins fans shouted at the media section: “Write about that!”
  •  Adam Shaheen made a nice long catch from Tua. It probably would have been a sack by Jerome Baker in live action. 
  • Tua Tagovailoa to Albert Wilson again! Deep connection. Fans chant “Tua! Tua! Tua!”
  • Jakeem Grant made an outstanding leaping sideline grab from Jacoby Brissett. The Dolphins have so much receiver depth.

TDS Take:

No news is good news as you can clearly see the “Media’s Negative Agenda” as Miami QB Tua Tagovailoa has lit things up in camp and NOT A WORD! Contrast that with a few weeks back in OTS’s when Tua threw 3 INT’s the sky was falling!!!!!

On to the great news of camp!

Albert Wilson has emerged as Tua’s favorite target and he should be a lock as one of Miami’s starters, he is a little cocky and breeming with confidence and that will rub off on a young Clone Jaylen Waddle who is also having a good Camp.

My biggest concerns are the players on PUP, hopefully they will get on the practice field and compete especially Preston Williams who I do not think is a lock to make the team and could be trade bait.

The best news so far is no MAJOR injuries to report after week one of practice and “knock on wood” may that be the case throughout the preseason.


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