Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire?

We are back where we started in January again as rumors continue to persist and they are getting louder that the Miami Dolphins are the front runners in a trade for disgruntled quarterback Deshaun Watson. (despite his legal troubles)  So, the question is would you make such a trade? I have always maintained a position that whatever the Dolphins management decide to do I… Continue reading Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire?

Miami vs Chicago (Practice)

Thanks to Allen Poupart of SI here is his report From camp practice today against the Bears https://www.si.com/nfl/dolphins/news/miami-dolphins-august-11-training-camp-joint-practice-observations -- Cloudy conditions made it seem as though the practice was taking place at night. That was before a one-hour lightning delay that brought everybody inside. The players eventually did another stretching session inside and did some… Continue reading Miami vs Chicago (Practice)