Xavien Howard’s Replacement?

Dolphins' first-round pick Noah Igbinoghene starts vs. Jaguars - South  Florida Sun-Sentinel

So much for Howard’s “Professionalism” that he promised just after saying how he only showed up so as not to lose money to fines, the money he doesn’t want because 15-16 million dollars is not enough…..??? So our professional during camp today suffered a minor injury and left the practice field and came back to only be an observer.

What is so surprising is the amount of Dolphins Fans who want Miami to throw away the future to pay a player who truly overvalues himself and who basically threw his fellow teammate under the bus because he has a problem that Jones makes more money than him. Like I have been preaching for just about a year it’s time to part ways with Howard and get as much as they can for him.

So the next question is who will replace Howard? The first name should be Noah Igbinoghene, last year’s first-round pick who struggled mightily in his rookie campaign and who we all hope can rebound and take a big step in 2021, especially WHEN Miami trades Howard. He was drafted to be a starter and now is the time he needs to step up and deliver.

All eyes were on Tua Tagovailoa and his pedestrian season and that overshadowed how really bad Noah Igbinoghene’s rookie season was. The Dolphins need Noah to step up this year but what if Noah is not able to play better this year what options does Miami have?

Miami’s Current CB’s on the roster: ( I excluded Howard)

Jaytlin Askew20CB18022
Terrell Bonds35CB18225
Justin Coleman27CB19028
Javaris Davis38CB18324
Tino Ellis46CB19523
Noah Igbinoghene9CB19721
Byron Jones24CB19428
Cre’Von LeBlanc41CB19027
Nik Needham40CB19624
Jamal Perry33CB18226
Trill Williams51CB20521

The Dolphins are still in the final stages of their rebuild and as much as some would love to keep Howard his demand to be traded, age, history of injuries and legal troubles just don’t seem to add up to renegotiating a deal with 4 years of a 5-year extension left to play. In fact, his asking to redo a deal that has 4 years of a five-year deal left tells you all you need to know about Howard’s head.

Miami could get another high draft pick or more for Howard and some teams will be willing to bite Miami should be in the market to trade him. That would give Miami another first-round pick in 2022 at a minimum and possibly two?

Below is the list of some projected top safeties in the 2022 NFL draft and I can assure you that if/when Miami trades Howard that will be a top priority in the upcoming draft to draft a young CB to come in and push Noah for the starting position opposite Byron Jones.

Top 10 2022 NFL Draft CB’s

  • Derek Stingley, CB, LSU
  • Roger McCreary, CB, Auburn
  • Sevyn Banks, CB, Ohio State
  • Alontae Taylor, CB, Tennessee
  • Trent McDuffie, CB, Washington
  • Kaiir Elam, CB, Florida
  • Josh Jobe, CB, Alabama
  • Akayleb Evans, CB, Missouri
  • Myles Jones, CB, Texas A&M
  • D.J. Ivey, CB, Miami

It does appear the writing is on the wall and Howard and his antics are on their way out of Miami because there is NO WAY Miami should give in to Howard’s demands of doing a new deal this year.

What are your thoughts? Comment below!

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