Potential Trade Partners For Xavien Howard?

Why the Cardinals should consider trading for Dolphins CB Xavien Howard

It’s no longer “If “but “When” Miami will trade disgruntled CB Xavien Howard and the compensation is always a first round pick in 2022 as well as another 4th, 5th or some player on the trading teams roster. After scoping the rumors here are the teams that are being talked about the most as a potential landing spots.

(Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals, New York Jets, Las Vegas Raiders, Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks)

Looking at that list above the two teams that are in bold I feel really needs Howard the most, even though not to many teams in the NFL should not be looking to add a player with Howards talents. The Dolphins hands are forced because too many bad options exist if Miami does not give in to Howards demands such as Holding out, fake injury, Cancer in the locker room to name a few.

On that list of teams the best and most likely trade Partners are The Dallas Cowboys “America’s Team” and I have alluded to that trade possibility for a while and the New Orleans Saints. The worst option would be the Jets! No way would I trade him to the Jets or for that matter any AFC team. That’s why I will exclude the Raiders and Browns because Miami is competing for a playoff berth and why make any AFC team better? So now my list has been reduced to these 5 teams: (Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals, New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks)

The most rumored team among this list are the New Orleans Saints but I know how games are being played and any leaks could be an attempt to send a message to other suitors’ to maximize the compensation.

Let’s Talk Compensation

Some offers being suggested is a first rounder and a player from teams, some of those players mentioned are WR’s but with Miami having a surplus at that position I can say with some degree of certainty that Miami is not looking to add WR’s to this team in fact I suspect they are quietly looking to trade one or two of their current WR’s. I personally want Miami to add more talent to the RB room. What I would want the most is draft picks a first and an additional mid round pick.

Miami is still in rebuild mode and moving Howard would make the team younger and with some young puppies in the background this is the best time to trade a disgruntled selfish player as his value can’t get any higher.

The Dolphins last year put themselves into this situation by paying Byron Jones more money than Howard and to be realistic having both CB’s has been too costly, I for one would love to see Miami reduce the amount of money they are spending at that position. Jones and Howard are the 5th and 6th highest paid CB’s in the NFL. ( 31.6 million dollars a year) Jones’ contract is a result of market value as he was going to get paid by someone last year in free agency. As important as the CB position is Miami should not be paying that amount of money at that position unless they are truly SB bound and not just a potential playoff contender.

I am sure there are quite a few Dolphins fans that want Miami to pony up and make Howard happy by paying him what he wants but for the Dolphins that is not an option because it would be opening a can of worms and that is not something they should do. It’s time for last year’s first round selection Noah Igbinoghene to grow up quick as he will be needed to fill in for Howard WHEN he gets traded.

Where do you fall on this issue? Leave your comments below.


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