Why Drafted Players By Miami Will Thrive!

Miami Dolphins' rookie Noah Igbinoghene struggles against Bills

The Importance of Player Development

In Football It don’t take long for drafted players to be labeled as “busts,” I don’t think it’s fair to put all the blame on the player. A lot of the shortcomings with younger players come down to shortcomings in coaching staffs and organizational strategies. If teams aren’t drafting a player with a clear plan for developing and maximizing their talents, they’ve already failed them. Many prior regimes in Miami failed miserably to develop most of their drafted players.

With Flores and his coaching staff, there’s been a big emphasis on acquiring and developing young players, and it’s already paying dividends. Players from both the 2019 and 2020 draft classes have been instrumental in the turnaround in South Beach. If Miami is going to take that final step forward, it’ll be through improving their homegrown talent.

Miami’s head coach Brian Flores has made it the focal point of his coaching staff developing the young players that they bring to the team and that attitude as well as the actual progress of players have set Miami up to be a potential contender for quite a while.

I often say it’s not who is drafted more so than where you are drafted, a lot of young players have been cast aside as bust by many teams and their impatience, even the fans now days seem to be patient and without the necessary time to allow players to develop it leaves little room for young players to develop.

We need to look no further than two of our first round picks from the 2020 NFL draft that did not quite live up to expectations of being drafted in the first round where most of the scrutiny tends to come from due to a high draft pick and more money spent on those players.

First and foremost was the quarterback Tua Tagovailoa who had an average rookie season but with expectations being probably too high for the young man as Dolphins fans heaped on him a lot of pressure as well as the media and it’s been relentless!

The other player they did not live up to first round status was CB Noah Igbinoghene just 20 years old and in the first game of the season after being thrust into a position that he was ill prepared for having to cover one of the top wide receivers in the league, Buffalo’s Stefon Diggs basically ate Noah Igbinoghene’s lunch and won that match up throughout the game. It seemed to shack the young rookies confidence as he was never to able to recover until late in the season.

Part of what needs to happen for BOTH Tua and Noah is player development as well as more time in the system as both have the potential to have a year two that can show their development from their rookie seasons.

I honestly believe in Brian Flores and the coaching staff he has assembled and I can see major improvements for not just the two players mentioned but every player on this team as player development is taken serious under head coach Brian Flores.


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