Xavien Howard Is Everything Brian Flores Hates

Dolphins news: Xavien Howard's situation triggers Brian Flores comment

It is by far the biggest story for the Dolphins this offseason what are they going to do with Xavien Howard? It is also a polarizing story because fans are split, some feel Miami should pay him while others feel he should be traded. I fall on the latter. Let’s review the story…

In 2019 Xavien Howard signed a five-year, $75.25 million extension with the Dolphins making him at that time the highest paid CB in the NFL, now just two years later he wants a new deal despite being one of the top paid CB’s in the league. His $15.05 million in annual average salary makes him the 6th highest paid CB in the NFL. The other 5 having signed new contracts AFTER Miami made Howard the highest paid CB in the league!

Howard now feels that since he did what he was suppose to do last year that he deserves a raise. Rumors have it he feels that he should be paid more than newly signed free agent Byron Jones who signed as a free agent last season with Miami for a $82.5 million five-year contract averaging $16.5 million per year.

There are ways you can look at the success of Howards season last year where he led the league with 10 interceptions. Can the fact that he had Jones on the opposite side contributed towards his success? That is how I take it.

Lets look at HC Brian Flores words to determine how things might play out.

In august of 2019 Brian Flores made this comment about “STAR PLAYERS”:

“It’s a team game. Stars are kind of a ‘me’ thing. I don’t — I guess I’m not — it’s a team game. There are 11 guys out there and they have to work together,” said Flores, clearly nixing himself from saying he’s not a fan of stars.

“If you have a star that wants to do his own thing, that just doesn’t work. I’m of the ‘put the team first’ mantra and these so-called ‘stars’ need to be on that page on this team. Hopefully that answers your question.”

This is what Brian Flores had to say about the Howard situation:

“Normally, we would keep all this stuff internal,” Flores said when asked if he thinks something can get worked out. “Generally speaking, I think you have: You put ’em in buckets. You got contract extensions, you got free-agent contracts. So, we have a player, we extend a contract, you have free agents you bring on. X, this is a little bit of a unique situation...

I’m sure you guys all understand this. He was extended, and now we’re talking about a renegotiation of an extension. So that’s a little bit different. And we’ve had a lot of discussions about that. Again, very unique situation when we’re talking about a potential renegotiation after one year. I think those kinds of longer conversations, we understand that. Obviously had a lot of talks and conversations about those, and we’ll continue to have those and keep those internal, but it’s a very unique situation.”

I have made it known for quite some time that Miami needs to move on from Xavien Howard and despite publicly saying that he LOVES Howard the fact is Howards stance is exactly what Brian Flores preached against when he made the statement about ‘Star Players”… I’m of the ‘put the team first’ mantra and these so-called ‘stars’ need to be on that page on this team. Hopefully that answers your question.”

Howard is being paid well and have not outplayed his contract one bit! He is proving to be a selfish player who is all about money and if Miami rewards that attitude than how can they avoid another situation popping up where another player under contract wants more money because he had one great season?

If you average out Howards production since signing his new deal, Howard’s played on average 10.5 games and has 5.5 INT’s. Howard is also 28 years old on a team that is still in the final stages of a rebuild. Miami already is paying the most money in the NFL at the CB position and how does Xavien thank Miami for making him the highest paid CB in the NFL in 2019? He wants to renegotiate a deal just two years into a 5 year deal.

This guy is making Millions of dollars and is upset because his fellow teammate is making more money? That is exactly the thing Brian Flores hates and it is so reminiscent of the problem Miami had with former safety Reshad Jones. Remember how that turned out?

That Dolphins are not ready for a SB run but are on track to building a true contender and that is with or without Howard on the team. I think about Miami’s last game of the 2020 season in Buffalo and I say to myself who on that roster deserves a raise? Did Howard prevent Miami from that embarrassing beatdown?

I say sell him to the highest bidder and let him become someone else problem!

What do you think?


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