Why The Tua Hate?

Miami Dolphins: Tua Tagovailoa projected to improve in 2021

I don’t ever recall a time when so much scrutiny and backlash has been heaped on a Rookie QB. Even having some considering his second year as a make or break season is just as asinine! Where is all this hatred/pressure coming from? Is it from the Dolphins? Their Fans? The Media or the opposition? Why is it the case?

Let’s go back to his college days when Tua Tagovailoa played for one of the best college teams in the country, many feel that any quarterback in that system would have fared well because of the talent that Alabama possessed. If you look at their roster over the years they have had players drafted in the first round more than any other team, from receivers to running back‘s, from Defense, offense and special-teams. The best of the best seem to go to Alabama because of the history of their young players getting drafted in the NFL early.

There were very high expectations for Tula coming out of college, just like any other quarterback drafted in the first round. They get scrutinize but in Tua’s case it’s gone to another level. When you look at his rookie season, he did not have a terrible rookie season. He just didn’t have the same success the two quarterbacks that were drafted early in the first round with him did one drafted before him as a number one pick (Joe Burrow) and the other drafted directly after Tua by the San Diego Chargers (Justin Herbert ) who turned out to be the rookie of the year.

So there’s been this perfect storm especially when you add Covid 19, a Devastating hip injury in his final year in college and the build up for him to come to Miami even before he was in the draft as many felt the Dolphins targeted Tua the least two years of his college career. Need I remind you of the tank for Tua false narrative that went on the year before he was drafted? Many felt first year head coach Brian Flores was tanking or deliberately losing games just to be able to draft Tua Tagovailoa. So when you factor in all that it’s no wonder after Tua did not have a dominating rookie season some are now questioning his future.

Forget the fact that Tua (unlike Burrow or Herbert) had a competent legitimate starting QB to compete against in Miami as 17 year veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick in his 2nd season as Miami’s QB had things set up for his success in the offense with Chan Gailey unretiring to be the OC for Miami in 2020. Everyone knew that Ryan Fitzpatrick was the better quarterback for the present but as far as the future was concerned this was Tua’s team and that’s why Miami drafted him.

Also remember when the Dolphins started Tua Last year it was premature due to the scheduling situation that occurred because of the coronavirus, if you remember the Dolphins schedule originally had them having a bye in week 11 (November 22nd, 2020) but they move that game up to a week 7 bye because of the Covid situation forced them to Shuffle the Schedule and in turn the Dolphins plans to start Tua after the bye week was moved up a month!

Now a legitimate argument can be made that both Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert had to deal with the same circumstances but in reality that’s not a good comparison because of circumstances that forced Justin Herbert into the starting position earlier and Joe Burrow was already penciled in as the starter from day one for the Bengals.

I’m not making excuses but the reality is Miami’s offensive weapons were lacking last year for Tula and I still think the Dolphins made a huge mistake and not getting a premier running back this year in the draft as well as last year when they passed up on the running backs. Now I know that the Dolphins have a running back by committee approach and they have a stable with good running backs but none of those running backs would be considered a top back for any team in the NFL.

But this Tua obsession has reached a new level as all off-season everyone’s speculating and implying that the Dolphins were looking to replace Tua with the young veteran quarterback of the Houston Texans who has demanded a trade Deshaun Watson, All off-season there were strong strong rumors that the Dolphins were looking to add Watson to the them and make a deal with Houston for a trade.

But as fate would have it Deshaun Watson ran into legal troubles just before anything could be done and at the time in Houston was refusing to even talk to anybody about trading their young franchise quarterback so now that’s on pause but at the same time that whole situation still is in the background hovering over Tua’s career.

Also throw in a disgruntled top-five quarterback Aaron Rodgers who wants out of Green Bay and any other quarterback that may be of significant upgrade to our young quarterback will always be rumored with the Dolphins because Miami have a bevy of draft picks they have acquired over the years, but they want use use them to build their young roster because Brian Flores realizes it’s not just about a quarterback he’s trying to build a team that can win by offense, defense, and special teams.

The quarterback though he will be relevant will not be relied upon as much with the Dolphins as is the case with some of these teams who are depended upon their quarterbacks.

There’s just a whole host of issues this putting pressure on our young quarterback way too early in my opinion, hopefully he’ll be able to continue to play beyond the noise continue to improve because it really takes 3 to 4 years before young quarterback begins to mature and feel fully comfortable in the NFL. The Bills Josh Allen is a prime example!

Tua himself admitted that he was not comfortable last year in his understanding the playbook and being able to make adjustments at the line of scrimmage, and the overreaction because in June practice he threw five interceptions even though everyone knows that defenses are ahead of offenses earlier in camp. Flores also wants Tua to use practice to take risk. So they are giving Tua the leeway and encouraging him to take some risk because it’s only practice

(Allen Iverson)

So I’m looking forward to the season as a Dolphins are now relevant because they’ve been always an afterthought the last 20+ years of misery that we Dolphin fans had to endure. Now they seem to be the talk of the league and our young quarterback seem to be the whipping boy of many of the media why is that the case? It is probably multiple reasons jealousy, rivalry or just pure negativity that seem to be the flavor when it comes to the media, local as well as national.

Let’s see how this year unfolds with our young Lion King, I have gravitated even closer to him and wish only the best for him especially because of all the haters out there who continue to throw him under the bus and scrutinize every individual move that he makes, hopefully that will add fuel to the fire and help him in his maturity and growing to prove everybody that he is what the Dolphins hope he is.


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3 thoughts on “Why The Tua Hate?”

  1. Did Herbert really play as well as they say, or was it more of a play from behind….there’s nothing to lose….against teams playing prevent D.

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