DeVante Parker Is Now Irrelevant!

Player Profile: DeVante Parker. Is this the year? | by Matthew Fox |  Fantasy Life App

The Dolphins have done a great job of adding talent to the WR group and now their dependence on the seriously underachiever DeVante Parker is no longer a high priority and i do not mean this as some slight towards Parker but for me he has been a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT his entire Dolphins career. Oh he has the talent and potential he’s just failed to live up to it!

Remember Parker was a first round selection in 2015 by Miami ( 2015 / Round: 1 / Pick: 14)

Throughout his time in Miami he’s been pledged with injuries, poor dieting and now at 28 years old hamstring issues. There is no denying he has the talent but what I have always questioned is his mental makeup as he is very shy and lacks the mental toughness that I loved in former Dolphins WR Jarvis Landry. I always felt that if Parker had the mental toughness of Landry he would be one of the top WR in the League. He has the skills to be a top 5 WR.

Looking at his first 6 years in Miami he has caught over a 1000 yards only once!

Parkers NFL career statistics


Parker is 6′-3″ tall and has the perfect body type to dominate at his position and to be fair Miami has not had a top QB to take advantage of Parkers skills it took Ryan Fitzpatrick to get Parker to play up to his potential and that is why Parker enjoyed his best season with Ryan at the helm at QB.

If you look at a Top WR who came into the league just one year before Parker Green Bay Packers WR Davante Adams who now going into his 7th season and compare their stats you can see a huge difference!

Parker Career NFL statistics as of 2020
Receiving yards:4,212
Receiving touchdowns:22


Adams Career NFL statistics as of 2020
Receiving yards:6,568
Receiving touchdowns:62

This is PFF Wide Receiver Rankings 2021 notice the difference?


Adams was the highest-graded (92.2), most valuable (0.9 WAR) and most productive (2.96 yards per route run) wide receiver of the 2020 season. He is indisputably the top player at the position entering 2021. It doesn’t matter who lines up across from him — he’s a threat on any given play with his route running and release package.

Since 2017, when PFF began tracking single coverage data, no wide receiver has earned a higher grade or recorded more touchdowns (27) on such plays than Adams. As long as Aaron Rodgers is in town, Green Bay has the best QB-WR tandem in the NFL. But as we all know, Adams’ long-time quarterback may be on his way out.


Parker revitalized his career in 2018 and 2019, earning the best season grades among his six NFL campaigns. He ranks 23rd in receiving grade over the past two seasons, churning out 55 explosive receptions of 15-plus yards (tied for seventh) and 43 contested catches (second) in the process. Parker accomplished that while seeing the third-highest rate of snaps against press coverage (45.6%). He leads the league in 15-plus-yard pass plays against press coverage since 2019 (32).

It actually goes back to Parkers College career when as a Senior Parker missed the first seven games of his senior season in 2014 with an injury. He played in six games, recording 43 receptions for 855 yards and five touchdowns. As you can see even though he only played 6 games he put up some great numbers!

I can see now that there is some stiff competition that Parker might have another very good season but it is too little too late as his age has caught up with him and he has squandered his youth and now that Miami is somewhat complete with the foundation of their rebuild I do not see a long term future for Parker and the best thing is Miami have some additional young talent in place if Parker should once again be the disappointment he’s been the majority of the time he’s been here. I have given up on trade request for Parker and now it is too late to get much for him.

Miami Dolphins Receiver Depth Chart

WRDeVante ParkerPreston Williams QAlbert WilsonRobert Foster
WRWilliam Fuller V SUSPLynn Bowden Jr.Allen HurnsMalcolm Perry
WRJaylen WaddleJakeem Grant Sr.Mack HollinsKirk Merritt

Hopefully we will get better from our first round WR taken this year in the draft!


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