Brian Flores Is A Keeper!

Brian Flores is the reason the Miami Dolphins scored in free agency - The  Phinsider

The likelihood of Brian Flores being fired anytime soon is slim to none in fact I see an extension coming to lock this guy up for many more years to come as incompetent as the coaching has been for this Dolphins team for the past 20+ years ever since Jimmy Johnson walked out the door there’s no way in the world that Brian Flores should be on The hot seat with the Dolphins

I read an article talking about how Brian Flores might be on the hot seat if the Dolphins don’t meet expectations, I’m not sure why Jason La Canfora is foolish enough to even come up with that idea but I can guarantee you there’s no way in the world Brian Flores is gonna be fired anytime soon in Miami, like I said Flores has a greater chance of getting extension and ZERO chance of being on the hot seat even if the Dolphins take a step back in 2021.

This is what Jason says:

Brian Flores

If things go poorly in Miami – and a regression in 2020 shouldn’t shock anyone – I believe Flores would actually win a power struggle if it comes to that. Whether or not Tua becomes a thing or not will have ramifications for those involved in selecting him. Constantly running out coaches and players who were just selected the previous year and put in critical positions is an unusual way of breeding chemistry and cohesion and creating that other played-out C-word (culture). There are a lot of rumblings around the industry about all not being well in Miami (which has pretty much been the norm for a few decades now), and people are already keeping a close eye down there.

Jason also implied that Flores would most likely win a power struggle if it came down to it in Miami. Once again I see no chance of there even being a power struggle as both Flores and GM Chris Grier seem to have one of the healthiest relationships ever in Miami when it comes to GM and HC relationships.

Need we remember the foolishness that went on with past HC’s and GM’ in Miami? Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland or how about Joe Philbin who by the end of his tenure was not even speaking with the front office. Unlike Adam Gase who was a bad hire and truly deserved to be fired and was rehired quickly by the Jets, can you imagine if the Dolphins let Brian Flores go how long he would be sitting on the sideline waiting for a job?

Brian Flores has built a culture that this Dolphins team has so sorely lacked and unlike his predecessors who left Bill Belichick to coach he has had instant success even in his first season despite false rumors of the Dolphins tanking and ended up winning 5 games.

Last year preseason projections had Miami winning 5-7 games across the board and they ended up 10-6 and in that rare occasion where winning 10 games in a season did not get them in the playoffs.

Grier & Flores have done an excellent job in the short period of time they have totally rebuilt from scratch and remember all the flack they received along the way with every move? The trade of Tunsil and Minkah Fitzpatrick? The other trades GM Chris Grier have done that seems to all panned out pretty well? It was less than 3 years ago that they started the rebuild, remember how that 2019 roster looked?

Drafted Players on the team Since 2019

Christian Wilkins, DL, Clemson2019
Michael Deiter, OL, Wisconsin2019
Andrew Van Ginkel, LB, Wisconsin2019
Myles Gaskin, RB, Washington2019
Tua Tagovailoa, QB , Alabama2020
Austin Jackson, OT, USC2020
 Noah Igbinoghene, CB, Auburn2020
Robert Hunt, OL, Louisiana-Lafayette2020
 Raekwon Davis, DL, Alabama2020
Brandon Jones, S, Texas2020
Solomon Kindley, G, Georgia2020
 Jason Strowbridge, DL, North Carolina2020
 Blake Ferguson, LS, LSU2020
Malcolm Perry, WR, Navy 2020
Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama2021
 Jaelan Phillips, DE, Miami2021
Jevon Holland, S, Oregon2021
Liam Eichenberg, OT, Notre Dame 2021
Hunter Long, TE, Boston College 2021
Larnel Coleman, OT, Umass2021
Gerrid Doaks, RB, Cincinnati2021

Now Miami have some young talent with potential that is as limitless as the sky!

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross knows what he has in his GM and HC and I can say with confidence that there is no way no matter what this upcoming season brings that either men will be on the hot seat. Need I remind anyone of how dysfunctional this team has been over the past 20+ seasons prior to Ross finally giving Grier full control? Need we recall the way Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano ended up or how about Joe Philbin who by the time he was fired was not even speaking to upper management?

Not the case with our current GM and HC they seem to be on the same page and have a healthy working relationship. This is the best GM/HC combo Ross hashad ever since he started buying the team in 1998!

Some folks just want to make what we call click bate to get their named behind some issue because times are slow, there is nothing to Jason La Canfora foolish claims that our GM or HC is in any way on some hot seat.


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